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Cash Gifting Tip - How To Set Up Your Autoresponder

Cash gifting tips in the autoresponder department make or break your club.

Value-packed follow ups move your list into action. Whack, hyped-up emails turn your list off. If you bring value, you become valuable. Hype repels.

Stick to teaching your list. Stay away from inflated claims or silly videos, stuff that turns off most high energy, prospering folks. Give. Get.

Cash Gifting Autoresponder

Publish a boot camp, or a series of cash gifting emails which helps your list prosper. Log in to your backoffice and adjust the emails to your liking.

It's fine to end with a strong call to action but make your email full of meat. Meaty, valuable emails are big-time converters. Bring value, get value.

You can repackage blog posts or articles. Or you can refer your subscribers to a guru's free marketing package. However you do it, add value.

Autoresponders are powerful relationship builders. No better way to develop a strong connection with your list subscribers than by providing value.

But don't overdo it. Space mailings out every 1 to 2 days. People with tens of thousands of folks on their list can do 2-3 mailings daily.

You run the risk of blowing out your entire list if you send out too many emails. Yes, even if they're packed with value. People can only absorb so much.

Do not forget to run a weekly newsletter with up to date information concerning your niche. Make this meaty too; 800 to 1200 words works nicely.

Give folks immense value. Over deliver. Solve problems. Toss in inspiration. Make your list beg for the next mailing, because you have so much value on tap.

Cash Gifting Tip

Please, do not make this a pitch fest. Do not vomit your opportunity all over your list, because you will turn off much of your list. Hype is repelling.

Spare the endless promises and claims. Nobody cares about your promises. Everybody cares about how you can help them. Everybody wants to prosper.

Be the person who helps people prosper. End emails with questions, to engage your audience. Ask how you can help. Engage. Set up a 2 way street.

Ask your subscribers to share your capture page with individuals who would benefit from your emails. This grows your list and helps more people.

Keep giving freely, keep engaging and you can't help but to receive generously. Free givers are always prospered.

How do you set up your cash gifting or MLM autoresponder?

by: Ryan Biddulph
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