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Deserted Small Druid Become Indispensable Ally Of Maplestory Mesos

At first, I really silly! I was not born in MapleStory Mesos server

, but transfer service, the first to come to the clothing, I was to forget the past, someone says time is to cure the medicine of the soul, a change of making a change can be as time goes by and healing slowly, but my heart was torn apart, so I just took a long time to come here, just here. I don't have a friend of azeroth, the only remain about the same change different people different players, then I really not easy. No one to play me, no one arena with me such an isolated people, often go everywhere frustrated at every turn.

So I took the dignity of the remaining in the door of the widely auger inserted and move to hone their operation, finally I got to know a man, his name is shiny. The mage is a tall, he always see there I challenge every day one better than me many players equipment, then the curious ask me, I just answer him because I want to rely on my own life in the world, and learn to forget to WOW self-improvement, put on a new career, from now on his serve will become my first friend here, my earnest efforts were not in vain, and I finally got what I want.

I'm crying in the virtual world, he left the in reality he left the, there will be another angel came to love him for me, so I be more red eyes smile saying to yourself, you must be happy, who is not important to who wrong, the important thing is we all want in life happy living in the game, WOW happy, he taught me to give up and tolerance.

In WOW, I really changed a lot, I am not afraid of is not afraid of loneliness, I get lost in my party tried in this strange server life down, although I always feel here that the moon did not the white and bright, but still very warm, thank those who have ever helped my friend, thanks for the bright moon, please will WOW my blessing to their side, thanks for that year the WOW, let me know him, although the outcome is not in the novel such as movie so perfect, but he has taught me a lot of a lot of.

Still in the light on azeroth, no matter you are in the area of the city that the uniform, the moonlit night, please don't blame me. I know you're a good President, is a worthy of good friend, believe lazy but must play the waiting results is country wu, I am not the beauty, be shallow a smile for the harm of GuoPoGuWang, I also more not that the kingdom of harm, but I have Amanda is a truly deserves you to trust our friends, please believe me, don't let you said you were a rascal, President of the moonlit night touch head silly smiling.

From a deserted small the druid become indispensable ally of the team, but I often think of the past, always in casual in to those I have been to place, azshara maple leaf wandering, sodium sky garden of the grand pier at longbridge sunrise and sunset, these are touched off the recollection, I choose to seal up, but who is, will it always quietly open, that is my heart, that not forget can't find heart.

Many times midnight the dream, I dream together with him in the back to MapleStory Mesos, but wake up, only to find that his silly, in order to he I left before the city, learn to live one's life, for he I left my the clothing the friends alone came to the clothing to practice a strange career feel different life, these teams can express my words say once in the past, so the only thing I can do is give him a chance, and give yourself a chance, I will never learn to be his free and easy flick, smile to say to me to forget the river's lake, I only can be in in slowly growing forgotten, looking for.

by: cherry
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Deserted Small Druid Become Indispensable Ally Of Maplestory Mesos Washington