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There are several reasons of fire in commercial workplaces it might be due to lose

wire connection or as simple short circuit in Coffee machine, one needs to first understand the reason for Fire and take suitable measures accordingly, it is always good to avoid conditions which would ignite fire, as it would burn down your business workplace that would translate into huge losses for company. We below outline couple of points which could be inspected to make your workplace free from Fire.

1) Always see if there is any combustible material lying near electrical area like Gas Bottle, flammable liquids, try to keep them out of premises.

2) Keep the use of Electrical Extensions cords and power adapters kept to minimum, as it is said 30% of the Electrical fire arises from such devices.

3) Do not buy devices and systems which are not UL certified.

4) Is the Wiring in the premises meets Environmental Health specifications.

5) It is advisable to always hire an certified license technician who has earlier work experience of at least 3 years in managing Commercial electrical wiring.

6) Yes, Good Housekeeping reduces smoke in case of fire, as you dispose paper, plastic waste from time to time.

7) All Fire Exits should be marked well and the fire path has to be lighted using self powered lights in case the premises is required to vacant when on fire.

8) Staff training is very important they should be taught how to use Fire extinguishers.

9) Fire detection on the right time can avoid major fire, keep fire alarms working, check their batteries on time and make a drill to check the sensors once in a every 3 months time.

10) If you are working with Hazardous chemicals it is advisable you keep Gas mask and fire blankets handy.

11) Have you carried out a fire risk assessments ?, if not call Emergency Planning NYC to get one, Fire Safety certification NYC is mandatory for each commercial buildings.

12) General precaution is best to practice, keep an Fire guideline within your company preventing people to not smoke in the building, Heat source removed or isolated from electrical or inflammable materials, always use indoor UL approved equipments like room heaters, wire cords, etc.

By fowling this basic steps you can avoid the fire to large extent, but over all human awareness of using right method and tools can be the only way to reduce fire risk to minimum level, there are companies which help you to plan your business premises so in case of fire lose to the property and goods along with people is minimum, it would be a smart move to get entire property insured in case of fire caused from accident or natural reasons like lightning strikes.

by:Lousie Smith
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