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5 Things You Need To Assure Tree Stand Safety

Hunting is a adventurous activity that many enjoy

. Before getting really involved in the sport and begin using tree stands, be sure to know what safety equipment you need so that your time in the field is more fun ans memorable. Here is a list of recommended equipment that will help assure your safety: a safety harness, a sturdy tree stand, climbing aids, equipment rope, and a survival pack.

Tree stands, or deer stands, are generally used for hunting activities. Stands are either an open or enclosed platform that elevates you to so you can gain a better view of your hunting area. Hunting accidents include tree stand injuries which can be fatal. Falling from the height of the tree stand can cause serious injuries and death to the hunter. To minimize and secure safety while on a tree stand, be sure to know the important safety equipments needed.

Safety harness

A safety harness is the ultimate safety line when you are hunting with a tree stand. Be sure to use a full body harness and to follow the appropriate instructions to secure your body and the safety lines to prevent accidentally tripping or falling over. Make sure that the harness is fastened correctly and allows you to move adequately when you are hunting. Also see to it that the harness is sturdy, can full support your weight, and is not tattered so that it will not snap and break.

Sturdy tree stand

A tree stand can be mounted permanently or temporarily on a tree. If you use a permanent tree stand, be sure to check it from time to time since it will deteriorate in the long run. A temporary tree stand, on the other hand needs to be properly mounted on a tree according to the instruction given by the manufacturer. Also remember that a sturdy tree is a major factor to assure your tree stand mounted safely and securely. Take note on the tree stand's weight limit to avoid it from breaking.

Climbing aids

Tree stand accidents do not just happen while it is in use. Accidents can also happen when you are climbing up or down from the tree stand. To avoid any climbing related injuries, it essential to use climbing aids. Climbing aids are devices and apparatuses that will help you climb a tree. These include an ascender, a descender, a throw line, a throw bag, gloves, and a false crotch. All these devices and apparatuses will help you safely ascend and descend while climbing into and out of a tree stand.

Equipment rope

Equipment rope can also be helpful in securing your safety. Hunting equipment like guns and arrows is brought along with you to the tree stand. This equipment may add to the risk factor and must be properly kept. Keep safe from all fatal equipment by tying them with an equipment rope. Once you have fully secured you position in the tree stand, you can carefully pull the equipment rope holding your gear from the ground to you.

Survival pack

Make sure you have a survival pack complete with first aid needs, snacks, and water. This is essential for a safe hunting activity. You will need to provide enough space in your tree stand to accommodate the survival pack. Make your package as compact as possible to minimize the amount of space required to store it.

by:Jacob Schiffer
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