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9 Yang Brand Soymilk Screw Joints Caused By Short Circuit Easily Feed

Melamine incident, to the dairy industry a big blow

, but he gave Soymilk a heaven-sent opportunity. Legend of boiling public opinion, the mall is almost sold out of stock in the soybean milk. A 9 Yang soybean milk at this time also put our family's table.

Joy to drink more than 10 days after the fragrant hot milk, suddenly one morning, no milk.

Mom said extreme remorse, soybean milk machine breaks down, a plug on the trip. Yang hit a telephone service hotline nine, the other not yet heard, say: definitely head water, causing short circuits. This sealed the nose, the water is coming from where? I studied for a long time, we reached a conclusion: It is possible to go from the water drilling screws crevices. Although doing a small screw, but also added a plastic washer, but no guarantee that the gap is not subtle in the scrub head or when the milk boiled, the water got into go.

Carrying Soymilk walking through the alley, to a nine-yang maintenance center staff greeted. The other side obviously has been accustomed to seeing such a failure is not strange, very much at home, spent 10 minutes on the repaired. At the end, the young man repeatedly reminded Road Maintenance: Be careful when cleaning, do not then go in the water out.

"Why can not head into a completely sealed lid design it, such as the screw cap as a cup?" I can not help pretending to look at the professionals, "to reflect what your company can not, after this product Design modify it to read? "young man smiled, Bu Zhisheng, obviously, this kind of thing, not that he can decide.

Yuehua Jian also a customer came in carrying Soymilk, fixing authorities merely to ask: "Why an electric plug on the trip?" Alas, it appears that soybean milk nose water, was all too common, but the defective.

A little design flaw, even leaving a thin slit silky hair, can also cause fatal failure. Fortunately, the aircraft is not made, or is likely to cause plane crash. "A thousand dikes, destroyed a dangerous thing", said that a minor error may lead to disastrous consequences. But the simple truth, to transfer, implemented Enterprise Management, wanted to come but not easy??? Not all firms have the determination, the courage to pay the price for its small flaws, and they would rather add a little cost of services to do things mixed passed.

However, there are many things it is not mixed with the past. Two years ago,

Sony Production of 900 million notebook batteries because of fire risks and are being recalled is produced Cheng Zhongfei into a small metal shavings. To this end, Sony to bear the loss of 33 billion U.S. dollars, not including damage to brands. Therefore, high-speed growth in the enterprise when the orders piled up in time, a tiny flaw is probably great for the later planted a hidden danger.

At least, is the screw on the slits long, hard, and I will tell around ready to buy Soymilk friend: Beware of those who feed the slits. And when I buy second Soymilk, I will consider it carefully, rather than blindly following ads.

9 Yang Brand Soymilk Screw Joints Caused By Short Circuit Easily Feed

By: dpdo
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9 Yang Brand Soymilk Screw Joints Caused By Short Circuit Easily Feed