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All Cancers Happen For A Reason So Doesnt It Make Sense To Deal With The Reason

Most people think of cancer as a mystery. We all understood how we get a cold or how someone gets malaria but we dont understand how we get cancer. Many believe its because of bad genes passed on from our mother or grandmother but that is seldom true. If it was true, the rate of cancer would be the same as it was one hundred years ago and it is not. It is only a modern day problem, especially in developed countries.

Cancer develops for a very specific reason and takes many years to manifest itself, it doesnt develop overnight. Also we all believe there are only three ways to treat it and that is also not true. By dealing with the reasons why it first grew, that assists the body to heal itself. With cancer, ultimately its going to be your immune system that will save you. Cancer is a disease of the whole body and a tumour or growth itself is just a symptom of the disease. True cures means treat the person who has the cancer, not the growths or the tumour alone and you do that through nutrition and other simple lifestyle changes. Nutrition is crucial for everyone whos been diagnosed with cancer.

The reasons most people dont understand cancer and its causes is because we are kept ignorant by the people in control of the industry and that makes us easy victims to the treatments that are in place today. Also the reasons why there is so much of it now days is, we are not informed about it many known causes.

While we would like to blame cancer on faulty genes which is something we dont have control of, nearly all cancers are self caused. Thats because of our current way of living, especially our wrong food choices and also our sedentary lifestyle. This weakens the body or more correctly the immune system and that allows normal body cells to mutate or divide without control which produces the cancer growths. Its important to remember these growths are only a sign from the body that something is wrong with the entire body and thats why just removing growths is often of little help.

A body which has been weakened and has allowed cancer cells to appear does not need to be weakened further by toxic treatments, it needs to be strengthened and there is certainly not a drug to do that. There are only natural ways to do that so the best way to overcome any cancer is to deal with the reasons why it first grew. Those reasons are, correct the diet and live as nature has intended us to live.

While cancer is not easy to cure because it requires changes, it can be cured by making these necessary changes and they are to eat freshly grown food that nature has produced and man has not interfered with for monetary gains, get some exercise which is extremely important because it strengthens the all important immune system and remove the many chemicals we all use everyday with gay abandon.

We all have blind faith in our mainstream medical system and while they can perform miracles with some surgical procedures they dont have the same success rate with degenerative diseases which is what cancer is. True cures for cancer means dealing with the reasons why it first appeared and there is no other way.

by: Alan-nz
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All Cancers Happen For A Reason So Doesnt It Make Sense To Deal With The Reason