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Want To Prevent Cancer? Then Check Out These 3 Flavan-3-ol Benefits

The flavan-3-ols are a group of powerful plant based nutrients that can be found in tea

. Whilst they are not essential for human survival, they do support the human body in various ways. In this article I will be taking a deeper look at this topic and discussing 3 flavan-3-ol benefits.


Your blood is important for many different reasons. It supplies oxygen to the areas of the body which need it, transports waste materials to the kidneys, ensures that your wounds heal properly and much more. Fortunately, 1 of the crucial flavan-3-ol benefits is that they support healthy blood and ensure that your blood cells can do all the above optimally.

The flavan-3-ols keep your blood healthy in multiple ways. For starters, they relax the blood vessels which improves blood flow to all areas of your body. Additionally, they prevent atherosclerosis (a condition which restricts the flow of blood by causing your arteries to become hard and inelastic). These plant based nutrients also reduce blood levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (a type of cholesterol which blocks the artery walls and reduces blood flow). Finally, they reduce high blood pressure (a health condition where your blood pressure becomes extremely high and if left untreated causes significant damage to your cells and vital organs).


Cancer is a nasty disease where the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in your body's cells becomes damaged or disrupted and causes them to grow in a rapid, uncontrollable way. This then leads to the formation of a tumour which can become cancerous. If this happens it can spread to other areas of the body and significantly damage the surrounding cells. The good news is that another of the powerful flavan-3-ol benefits is cancer prevention. Studies have shown that these potent plant based nutrients can reduce your risk of contracting bladder cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.


Free radicals are dangerous substances which are released as a by-product during oxygen related reactions. They have many nasty effects which include increasing your cancer risk, increasing your diabetes risk, (a disease which causes your blood glucose levels to become extremely high), increasing the visible signs of ageing and damaging your immune system. Fortunately, another of the amazing flavan-3-ol benefits is that they act as antioxidants (substances that protect your body's cells from free radicals) and help you avoid all the negative symptoms discussed above.


Although the flavan-3-ols are not officially classed as essential nutrients, I hope this article has shown you just some of the many reasons that they should be included in your diet. Black tea, green tea and oolong tea are all rich in these health boosting nutrients so make sure you brew up regularly and enjoy all the flavan-3-ol benefits on offer.

by: Tom Parker
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Want To Prevent Cancer? Then Check Out These 3 Flavan-3-ol Benefits