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Advanced Flirting - How To Make A Girl Laugh

Advanced Flirting - How To Make A Girl Laugh

You've probably heard it said before that one of the best ways to flirt with a girl is to make her laugh

. When you have the skills to make women laugh, building rapport and getting conversations started can seem like child's play. A lot of guys balk at this though, because they think that they cannot make a woman laugh. They don't think that they are funny enough. They get afraid that they will crack a joke and it will bomb or that they will somehow say something that will offend her.

You might look at making a girl laugh as "advanced flirting" and it may be that way, but you can make a woman laugh no matter what your skill set is. And you don't have to worry about being as funny as the pros are, because when you "frame" the situation right, you don't have to be.

Here is some advanced flirting tips on how to make a girl laugh:

1) Use someone else's jokes if you feel like you are not funny enough.

I know a guy who seems to be able to make just about any woman laugh out loud. And the funny thing is... all he does is take some jokes that some of the top comedians use and he repeats them. That's it. As long as you know that it is proven to make people crack up, then you know that it will probably work most of the time.

2) Make her feel self conscious about something that is not really offensive.

You would not want to pick on something that she is really self conscious about or something that could sound mean, but you can poke a little fun at her expense on something that is not offensive. For example, if she admits that she can't really dance all that well and then she dances for you, you can playfully pick on her for that. Whatever it is, you have to be playful about it and it has to be something that's not really going to cut deep.

3) Use your body language when you are telling her a joke.

Take a look at some of the top comedians. They know how to use their body language when they are telling jokes. Model what they do because you know what? It works. Sometimes it does not matter what you say to make a woman crack a smile, it's how you go about it and that is where the body language kicks in.

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Advanced Flirting - How To Make A Girl Laugh