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Amazing Arrow Helicopter-small Goods Come With Little Profit

We major in small goods for several years, some times we enjoy what we do business in this field

, and some times we may ask ourselves from bottom of our heart, is there good future for doing business with small goods? In China, there is a China old saying says, never get tired to do little things for other,most of people in China know this saying, and understand it, but very few people act like this. In China, most enterprise majored in other high profit field like high technology, machinary etc, they make deal with large amount like thousands and thousands of, but in our small goods industry, we normally get some small orders, unit price are very low, even this, customers will bargin again and again. It looks like we spend same time with other industry, but we get little profit. But also, everying one will be shocked if you know there is a great factory who deal with straws, unit price of most of these straws are less than 1 cents. Oh, my god, how can they make profit, but out of our imagine, this factory make 75% of the worldwide straws. I should say this is a great factory in China.Every worker from this factory work every hard, and this factory only get little profit to win the whole world. Today, we should of take amazing arrow helicopter as example. Like straw, amazing arrow helicopter is also small goods very may not attract the bussiness man who want big profit. But we insist, there is a large market for this products, as we know there is a huge consumer group- the children. We always hear from our customers that please quote the cheapest price, as you know the money is just from children's pocket. Yes, our customers are right, so we keep very little profit to assist our customers, and they repeat to us continuously, some times we feel tired, and some times we get little disappoint, how can we expand our business? And can we increase our profit? No, small goods can only come with very little profit. And what we are happy is our customers repeat orders to us, that approve the end users like them very much, this is what we are pround of and happy of. We are deeply realized that what we do is not just for money, what we do is for happy of our end customers. I think i should stop here for this time, as i just receive an inquiry from a new customers, like most of our other customers, the first sentence is: Can you offer me the best price for 10000pcs amazing arrow helicopter? HaHa, we should work now!!!

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