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Anniversary Cards D.i.y

Giving anniversary cards to your partner during your special day is always a nice surprise

. Getting ready-made cards is fine, but ready-made cards are too generic. There really is nothing much special about them. If you want to make the card more special, make a personalized card. Personalizing a card will make it more meaningful and special. Your partner will appreciate that you spent the time making the card. It is easier to make greeting cards these days because you can find designs on the internet. There are even some sites that have card-making programs that let you change the original design and customize it.

Designs for your anniversary cards can vary from simple and elegant to wild and fun. Try to design your anniversary cards based on your relationship. Are you guys funny and fun loving? Or simple and close? Think of things that represent your relationship. You can use this symbol as a concept for the card. If you cannot think of any, you can always just pick from the many ready-made card designs online, but this might take some time since you would want to scan though the different pages and categories that the site has to offer. Or, you can just base the cards design to what you would want.

Besides the design, what makes anniversary cards very special is the message. When writing a message to your partner, you would want to be creative. Think about the times that you and your partner shared together. You can also write about the trials and test that both of you passed through the years you have been together. An inside joke will make you and your partner laugh. A sweet and simple quote about love can make them smile. However, the best thing you can write on the message is a simple I love you and thank you. If you are not really good in saying what you want to say, write it down, but make it short and to the point.

After editing the anniversary cards and writing your special message, you can print your anniversary cards. Since you are just printing one card, you can just use your home printer and make it even more special by using special paper like scented or parchment. After printing it out, you can add more details on the card such as glitters to outline it or even metallic ink on the message.

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