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Auto Accident Insurance -what Is There To Know About It?

When an insured person files a claim, most auto accident insurance companies ask

questions that might give them the opportunity to pay less than they are supposed to cover. These questions are usually categorized into three parts: (a) if there was a possibility that the accident may have been avoided, (b) the injuries sustained by those involved in the accident, and (c) the people who saw the accident happen.

Companies who could prove that the accident can be avoided by the insured may take off a large amount of money from the claim. If the insured, in any way, shows indications that he may have been reckless and instead of avoiding the collision he crashed right into it, the companies can put the blame on the insured. If the auto accident insurance policy of the insured party does not have the liability claim, the car insurance company may escape from paying the amount they should give if their client is the aggrieved. It is best to say from the start that there was no way the accident could have been avoided by anyone.

Auto accident insurance companies also check for the injuries sustained during the accident. Be mindful of the questions that ask about the health background of the insured. Companies may claim that some of the injuries involved during the accident are part of older health setbacks that were sustained before the collision happened. This can also get a large amount of money off the payment the company should give. Even if the insured party has had injuries prior to the accident, it is best to not hint of any until he seeks the help of a doctor.

It is advised that even if the one who filed for a claim knows witnesses, he should not give their contact information. Witnesses, even if they provide accurate descriptions of the accident, may further confuse the parties involved. Witnesses, also, are not reliable in a way that they can be persuaded to go against their first statement. Questions like, "Are you sure you saw it crash?" or, "Was he really...?" may confuse the witnesses, thus making them question their earlier accounts of the event they saw. If the auto accident insurance company asks certain questions about witnesses, instead of telling them the contact details and other ways to reach the witness, it is better to tell them that the insured should probably say the he is doing his own investigation and would get back to them if he finds something significant.

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Auto Accident Insurance -what Is There To Know About It?