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Beds Can Be Large, Small, Ornate Or Plain But We Do All Need At Least One

There is no question we need our beds and have done for many centuries

. Okay at one time our beds may have just been a pile of dried grasses on a floor or by a camp fire but it was still our bed. Sleep is essential to all humans and whilst some individuals will get by on as little as 4 hours sleep the operative words here are 'get by'. Our bodies need more than 4 hours sleep a night and in actual fact it's recommended that we get between 7.5 and 9 hours sleep per night. I know many of you reading this that would class 7.5 hours full sleep a luxury!

It's said that Winston Churchill slept only 5 hours per night but he did advocate having a significant 'nap' through the day. Of course everyone has different needs with regards to sleep and someone getting only 6 hours when they need 8 will quickly end up in sleep deficit and feel very tired and lethargic. How can you guarantee sleep? The short answer is you can't, what you can do is maximise your sleep potential so you put yourself in a position to be getting your average 8 hours. The single most important thing with sleep is the bed. A bed that is too hard or soft will not be supporting your body properly and you will end up tossing and turning all night.

Beds that are too small can cause problems as well, there's nothing worse than a couple squashed into a smaller bed than they need. Flailing elbows and knees are just one thing to watch out for in a cramped bed, of course the other more important thing is disturbed sleep. The one thing that any expert on beds will say is you must pay as much as you can afford for your bed as that's the only way to get any kind of real comfort. It isn't all about the beds it's about the mattresses too and a poorly made mattress that doesn't offer the support you need is going to be uncomfortable. A deeper mattress is a good option as it is more likely to support you while you sleep.

Thin cheap mattresses are all over the place but you should really avoid them if you can. If a mattress seems very cheap then my advice would be to avoid it. Of course we don't all have unlimited funds when it comes to buying a bed but what you could do if your mattress is okay is buy a new bed but keep the mattress. Then when your mattress is older and more used replace it with a new one. As long as you choose a well-build bed then you have no cause for concern that it's not going to offer the firm support you need for your mattress.

Beds are wonderful things and we sleep in them, read in them, talk in them and get up close and personal in them! We use our bedrooms for so much that the bed sometimes gets forgotten or becomes an afterthought. Choosing your bed to suit your needs is critical to helping you get a good sleep. A calming and cool room along with the perfect support can get you as close to those 8 hours of sleep as possible. You need your sleep and to get great restful sleep you need very good beds so do choose with care and attention.

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Beds Can Be Large, Small, Ornate Or Plain But We Do All Need At Least One Ashburn