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Treatment Of Brain Cancer

Brain is a very soft and spongy mass tissue. Which is protected by three very thin membranes and bones of skull? These three membranes are called meninges. Brain stem connects to the brain with spinal cord. That controls thirst and hunger. Its also manages body temperature, breathing, blood pressure and some other basic functions of body.Treatment of brain cancer should be individualizing. This treatment should be based on age, health, the size,...more

Know When You Need Cancer Treatment

Detecting cancer on early stages is a very rare thing mainly because not many people are aware of its symptoms. Therefore it is important that you know these symptoms so that you know it is the time for you to get your cancer treatment. Cancer is a very dreadful disease which might even lead to death. Therefore getting cancer treatment is very important in case you are having this disease. However the main issue here is that it not detected at a...more

Pancreatic Cancer On My Mind

I bet even those living on the moon have heard about Steve Jobs passing due to pancreatic cancer. Like many, I feel very impacted by his death. Like many who have lost loved ones to that terrible disease, I have mixed emotions. I am very sorry for his passing, for the loss to his family and to the world. I am feeling grateful that Jobs death has people thinking and talking about pancreatic cancer for a change, and in the midst of Pink October, of all months! But I also resent that it takes such a big name death to get people talking about pancreatic cancer. Ive been reflecting on some of the similarities and some of the differences between my fathers experience with pancreatic cancer and what I know of Steve Jobs pancreatic cancer experience. Like Jobs, my father was to have a Whipple procedure. Unlike Jobs, upon opening my father up and discovering that his cancer had spread from his pancreas to his liver, they sewed him back up, canceling his Whipple procedure. Dad died from pancreatic cancer 8 months later.Next month, I will undergo a Whipple and I have already been informed that upon opening me up, and before proceeding with the Whipple, the surgeon will first confirm that...more

Cheating Cancer One Body Part At A Time

How many surrendered body parts does it take to truly cheat cancer by BRCA mutation? 4 and counting.A majority of women who test positive for a BRCA mutation view prophylactic mastectomy as the most effective strategy for reducing breast cancer risk. Take out the ovaries too and we BRCA carriers reduce our risk of ovarian cancer from as high as 40...more

Cancer Treatment Now Possible!

Avail of radiation therapyCancer is a lifestyle disease that is found all over the world now. It is the abnormal growth of white blood cells in a part of the body, in the form of a tumour. There are many reasons that can be attributed to the growth of cancerous cells. Smoking, living in an area with low ozone protection, too much exposure to...more

Lemongrass Tea Being Studied As A Viable Cancer Treatment Partner

Lemongrass tea has a wide application in a variety of medical fields but its prospects as a potential partner in cancer treatment has increasingly captured the attention of observers. Lemongrass tea is an herbal tisane derived from the aromatic perennial herb native to southeast Asia. It is widely used as a decorative plant but is also utilized as a flavoring ingredient in many exotic cuisines.While many people are not familiar with how lemongrass looks like, many are very familiar with how it tastes like. The herb has made itself popular to many Western palates through its central role in flavoring the Thai soup of tom yam gung. Indeed, its lemony, somewhat minty and tangy flavor has made it one of the most distinguishable components of many Thai and southeast Asian delicacies.Recent studies on this cheerful-tasting herb have suggested that lemongrass may be something more than just an herb that injects a measure of culinary delight. Researchers in Israel discovered that a substance in lemongrass tea and essential oil called citral may trigger the death of cancer cells while at the same time cause no harm to healthy cells.Cancer cells isolated in a Petri dish were found to have...more

Detection Of Colon Cancer

Colon is an important part of the human digestive system and the growth of malignant tissue in the colon is known as colon cancer. This type of cancer is very much dreaded and it can harm the digestive system a lot. The colon cancer is a type of...more

Are You A Type C (cancer) Personality?

Most diseases have associated emotions. In practice, one should always look for a connection between body, mind and spirit.According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when certain organs are weak, deficient or diseased, a certain type of emotion...more

Lipoma In Dogs - Benign Fatty Tissue Or Cancerous Lump?

Fat cells consisting of spongy tissue, usually benign, are the best way to describe lipoma in dogs. This tumor will usually develop slowly and vary in size dependant of breed and age of your dog. They are most commonly found in the stomach and chest...more

Chaga Mushroom Tea Is Widely Considered A Powerful Anti-cancer Beverage In Russia

Chaga mushroom tea has long been considered a health elixir in Russia, Siberia and many northern European countries but has so far largely avoided the limelight in the Western world. This drink, derived from the irregularly-shaped and strange-looking...more

Thinking Cancer Hospital In Delhi? Choose With Care

Gone are the days when cancer was considered as an incurable disease. Now, it is very much curable. And, the sooner it is detected, the greater are the chances of successful recovery. So, it is important that one goes for health check-ups, at regular...more

The Reasons Why So Many People Are Dying Of Cancer

When someone is first diagnosed with cancer they are in shock and that make them easy victims to submit to the current treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Over the years there have been many false claims about the disease and these...more
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