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Pancreatic Cancer: Acai Berry Can Help On CNN, broke the story that can change the lives of many people who are predisposed to develop cancer of the pancreas. As you know, this is one of the most deadly forms of cancer from, and partly because of is usually diagnosed after it is too late. But with the use of anti-oxidants acai berry, which is normal, you may be able to prevent this type of cancer and live a happier and healthier and longer.Alice diet drug?Acai Berry is traditionally a...more
Diet For Cancer Patient Body of a cancer patient is under constant pressure fighting from disease and the treatment. It needs proper nourishment to make body strong enough to fight all the negative effects of the heavy treatment and to fight the disease. Cancer weakens ones immune system. A healthy diet enables the cancer patient to strengthen the bodys defenses and fight back infections. A healthy diet will also hasten healing of the body tissues that may be damaged...more
About Gastric Cancer Gastric cancer, or stomach cancer, is a form of cancer which starts in the stomach. This type of cancer starts from the common cell types present in the lining of the stomach. It is a common form of cancer and it occurs mostly in men over the age of 40 years. This form of cancer is very common in Chile, Japan and Iceland.People having a family history of the disease are most likely to contract gastric cancer during their lifetime. Other risk factors for this disease include: having an infection of the stomach caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, having a swelling or inflammation in the stomach for a long time, having a polyp bigger than 2 centimeters inside the stomach, having pernicious anemia and smoking.Gastric cancer has five stages from stage 0 to stage IV. Stage 0 and Stage I are the early stages, stage II is the middle stage and stage III and stage IV are the late stages of the disease. The staging of cancer often helps in deciding the course of treatment. In its early stages, gastric cancer often causes either no symptoms in the patients or it causes symptoms which are not specific to stomach cancer only and are also caused due to any other disorders.Some...more
Causes Of Gallbladder Cancer Gallbladder Cancer is a rare form of cancer, in which malignant cancerous cells develop in the tissues of the gallbladder. This type of cancer is known to be almost five times more common in women than in men. Gallbladder cancer begins in the innermost layer and grows through the outer layers as it progresses.The causes of gallbladder include:Cell changes: Gallbladder cancer develops when the...more
An Insight Into The Stages Of Gallbladder Cancer The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ which lies in the upper abdomen, just below the liver. The primary function of the gallbladder is to store bile a digestive liquid formed by the liver to digest fat. The gallbladder releases this bile when the food particles are being digested in the stomach and intestines. Gallbladder cancer is a rather uncommon form of cancer in which malignant cancerous...more
Gallbladder Cancer Treatment A cancer formed in the tissues of gallbladder is known as Gallbladder Cancer. A gallbladder is nothing but a pear shaped organ which is present on the right side of abdomen and just below the liver. The treatment options for gallbladder cancer depends on the type of stage of the cancer, the patient is in. The team of doctors who will treat your cancer includes a gastroenterologist, a surgeon, a medical oncologist & a radiation oncologist. Following are the treatment options available for gallbladder cancer:Surgery: Removing the tumor and its surrounding tissues during an operation is what we call a surgery. During this surgery, the lymph nodes near the gallbladder are removed. A laparoscope along with video camera is inserted through ports in the abdomen. There are different types of surgeries which are used in the treatment of gallbladder cancer:Cholecystectomy: In simple cholecystectomy, a gallbladder is removed. And in the extended cholecystectomy, a gallbladder is removed, an inch of liver tissue next to gallbladder along with all the lymph nodes present in that area.Radical Gallbladder Resection: In this, gallbladder is removed, a wedge shaped section of the liver, bile duct,...more
Think Twice Before You Light Up That Cancer Stick Many students continue to take up smoking cigarettes as a habit at an alarmingly high rate. This is one of the reasons why so many schools have started awareness campaigns about the ill effects of smoking during school assembly programs. Many of these students think that the nicotine will relax them...more
Horoscope 2013 - Understand Aries 2013, Cancer 2013, Gemini 2013 Signs The Horoscope 2013 also predicts a good year for education and travel. Few of the signs square measure happy to be told, as education specially areas of interest can evoke success for several in 2013 .Signs Pisces and Capricorn each square measure needing to turn on the success they need obtained...more
Can Mobile Phone Case Reduce Cancer Rate? It is a widely truth that the cellphones that we use every day give out radiation. The general view is that this kind of radiation is too small to cause much negative consequences. The radiation is one of the common stuff which can lead to cancer. After all, every day, we are exposed on the...more
Patent Expiries Driving The Growth In Cancer Generic Drugs According to a new report by RNCOS, Cancer Generics Market Analysis, the global cancer generics market is one of the most attractive segments among all the therapeutic classes in the generic drugs industry. Despite accounting for a miniscule share of overall oncology market, cancer generics are...more
Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market To 2015 RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market to 2015 to its report gallery. Globally, cancer is one of the leading causes of death, and accounted for almost 13% of total deaths in 2008. The cases of lung and breast cancers are expected to grow...more
Gastric Cancer Diagnosis Gastric cancer, also termed as stomach cancer, is a form of cancer which starts in the cells of the stomachs wall. Gastric cancer has five stages, Stage 0 is the early stage and stage IV is the higher stage. The staging of cancer helps in deciding the proper course of treatment. The diagnosis of...more
Types Of Gastric Cancer Gastric cancer (or stomach cancer) begins when there is abnormal growth of cells in the stomach which then leads to a tumor. This type of cancer starts from the common cell types present in the lining of the wall of the stomach and develops gradually. It can spread to other parts of the body.Gastric...more
Quick Look Into Stages Of Gastric Cancer Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases which affect human beings. Cancer can affect different organs of the human body like eyes, colon, esophagus, etc. Stomach cancer happens when malignant (cancerous) cells build up in the lining of the stomachs wall.The stomach is a J-shaped organ which lies...more
Treatment Of Gastric Cancer Gastric cancer, also known as stomach cancer, is a form of cancer which starts in the cells of the wall of the stomach. This type of cancer begins from the common cell types present in the lining of the stomachs wall. Gastric cancer is a common form of cancer and it is known to occur mostly in men...more
Causes Of Gastric Cancer Cancer is a lethal disease, which occurs when some kind of mutation takes place in a cells DNA. This mutation causes the cells to develop and segregate at a fast pace and to go on living even when the normal cells would expire. These accumulating cells are cancerous and they form a tumor which can...more
Stages Of Heart Cancer Heart is the key member of the cardiac system of human body. Its primary role is to circulate oxygenated blood in the human body though veins. One of disease which can impact heart functionality is Heart Cancer, even though it is very rare. Like every possible tumor in human body, there are...more
Diagnosis Of Heart Cancer Heart is one of the most important organs of human body. Heart cancer can be defined as a tumor which may develop in a human body due to creation of malignant cells in the heart. Though heart cancer is very rarely found among the human beings but once initiated it grows very rapidly through the...more
Primary Heart Cancer Cancer is a deadly disease which can occur in any organ of the human body ranging from an organ as small as the eye to something as big as the heart. The heart is the most vital part of the circulatory system in the human body. It pumps blood throughout the entire body by means of blood vessels by...more
Heart Cancer The heart is one of the human bodys most vital organs. It is the most important part of the circulatory system. Its function is to pump blood throughout the body through the blood vessels by repetitive rhythmic contractions. Heart cancer is one of the rarest forms of cancer.It is divided into two...more
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