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The Emperor Of All Maladies: A Biography Of Cancer

Cancer is a worldwide scourge as it affects more than 600,000 Americans and seven million elsewhere and it is a disease that has been with us since the dawn of writing when historians recorded the generations of medical steps we have taken to control this plague.At one time, in fact, says The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by award-winning science writer, researcher and doctor Siddhartha Mukherjee, about three decades ago, we even...more

Prevent Cancers I

When it comes to the fight against cancer, the good news is that a lot of cancers can be delayed or avoided by choosing a good lifestyle. A top cancer doctor suggested a number of behavior modifications, some of which may even surprise you.Of course, the method of cancer prevention is not monolithic, one fitting all. The doctor is the Professor of Medicine of University of Southern California, an oncologist, Dr. David Agus. His new book The End...more

Maintain Regular Dental Appointments For Oral Cancer Screenings

The month of April was oral cancer awareness month, but your Madison, WI dentist continues to place a strong emphasis on this topic in the months following. Your dental professional is trained to evaluate the health of all the oral tissues. If you have even the slightest concern, it is important to have it checked out. With more than 40,000 cases of oral cancer reported every year, oral cancer is very common. The earlier oral cancer is detected and treated, the greater the survival rate, so continue to seek regular dental care and oral cancer screenings from your Madison dentist to ensure the health of your mouth. Your dentist has recent good news about the progress against cancer. It is now easier than every before to detect oral cancer early, when the opportunity for a cure is great. What is Oral Cancer?Oral cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and cause damage to surrounding tissue. It appears as a growth or sore that does not go away and includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheek, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and throat. If not diagnosed and treated early, oral cancer can be life-threatening. Some common signs and symptoms of oral...more

Cancer Treatment: Available Options For A Patient

Are you suffering from deadly disease like cancer? You dont need to worry as there are some effective cancer treatment techniques that can help you to come out from the disease completely. Many people think that the disease like cancer can be cured but it isnt true. The rapid advancement in health industry has made the disease as a common health...more

Prevent Cancers Ii

Other 5 pieces of advice:6Often move around to avoid sedentariness. Fit physique is extremely important to the overall function of the body, and you do not have to worry about the risk of medication or surgery. Moreover, long-time sitting may increase the probability of early death and many diseases including colon cancer. It is easy for people to...more

Tips On How To Survive Against Cancer

When we encounter bad things and big problems in our lives, we can drive ourselves mad if we do not have an outlet for expression. At the very least, we need some help coping with issues from time to time. This is definitely true with cancer. Here are some great tips for helping you to cope with the news that you have cancer.Yoga is a wonderful exercise for cancer patients, especially for those who are in a lot of pain. It helps by relaxing the body, which in turn, helps to alleviate some of the pain. Also, medication is another helpful technique, as it also helps to relax the body and mind.For cancer patients in an extreme amount of pain, you may want to consider acupuncture. One of the many positive results of acupuncture is that it helps to ease pain. There are even certain insurance companies who will cover acupuncture, if it is being used to manage pain from cancer.If you have hiccups from your chemotherapy treatment, talk with your doctor before trying any home remedies. Some of these remedies can actually make your hiccups worse, such as laying upside down and drinking. Your oncologist may want you to try other methods like propping a pillow up before going to sleep.If you...more

How To Choose The Right Cancer Hospital

Are you looking for a hospital for the Cancer treatment of your loved one. Choosing the right cancer hospital could be a major challenge for you. It is very important to lay down emphasis on the technologies available, doctors qualifications and...more

The Biological Role Of All Trans Retinoic Acid In Cervical Cancer Cells

Retinoic acid is a highly active derivative of vitamin A. It can induce tumor cell terminal differentiation, and becomes normal or near normal cells. Then it achieves its therapeutic purposes. Experiment shows the pathway of tretinoin on human...more

Is It Easy To Learn What Canine Cancer Symptoms Are?

Are you a concerned dog lover and want to know about canine cancer symptoms?Perhaps you have a new puppy or your dog has been in your family for a long time. Whatever the age of your dog it is very important you know about the different forms of...more

Cancer De Mama

Cancer de mamaCon el avance en la investigacin hay muchas opciones de tratamiento para el cncer de mama para elegir y el que se ofrecen depende de ciertos factores. Los cientficos han afirmado que han descubierto una nueva ruta hacia una cura...more

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Initially, the cancer stays well within the bounds of the stomach. Slowly, but surely, it's going to spread to other regions which can be in close proximity to the stomach.The a lot of sorts of stomach cancers are commonly categorized on basis...more

Symptoms Of Throat Cancer

Cancer is one disease characterized by uncontrolled cell division and these cells possess the ability to attack other biological tissue by way of direct growth in adjacent tissue (invasion) or using the migration of cells to distant places...more
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