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Curing Cancer Made Easy The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 2 Now when the lump or tumor is punctured, what happens to the toxins being contained? Right! It spreads everywhere and anywhere. So instead of curing cancer, it is actually making it worse. Instead of cleaning the toxins, you are actually expediting the "killing" process. Oh how wrong have we been! And the worst part? The worst part is that the doctors, hospitals, even the government are all too stubborn and proud to admit this. Maybe losing...more
A Booming Market Drives The Growth Of Cancer Generics According to our new research report, Cancer Generics Market Analysis, market for cancer generics is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 27% during 2010-2014 and all classes of drugs are set to experience splendid growth. As oncology products sales worth of billions are at risk from generic erosion in the coming future and the imminent introduction of a regulatory pathway for bio-generics is possible, the world is well poised to witness...more
Childhood Leukaemia Studies Could Hold Key To Greater Cancer Treatment Advances Successful demonstrations of a possible new drug to treat the most common form of leukaemia found in babies have led scientists to believe that it could be adapted to treat other forms of the common blood or bone marrow cancer.While it is estimated that 90 per cent of all leukaemias are discovered in adults, the disease is nonetheless contracted by between 20,000 and 25,000 youngsters each year. It proves fatal in more than four in every five people who develop the disease.The disease is one of the most extensively researched today, and there has been some success in its treatment using gene therapy. A small-scale trial on three patients has resulted in the cancer being eliminated completely in two of them, and greatly reduced in the third. Its cause has been found to lie with a gene called MLL. When this gene becomes fused to another one, a 'fusion protein' is created. This then switches on genes which are responsible for the development of leukaemia.In many cases, treatments for the disease prove short-lived because, even when they succeed in killing large parts of the cancer, it soon returns.But tests using a new chemical agent, I-BET 151, show that it is able to mimic...more
Changing Diet To Cope With Cancer Everybody knows that cancer is a serious disease. Many people around the world die beacuse of this disease. This illness cause painful and traumatic experience to people, in fact, many are afraid just hearing news about cancer. Most cancers are believed to be caused by lifestyle particularly associated with tobacco/cigarette, alcohol and poor diet. Because cancer has been so prevalent nowadays,...more
How To Increase Your Odds Of Success With Cancer Cancer today is well understood, there is no mystery to the disease and all cancers appear for a reason. It is not caused by bad genes or something beyond our control. It appeared because of a weakened immune system, our built in repair system that keeps us healthy, which didnt stop normal body cells from mutating and becoming cancerous. There are many changes you can make to help rid the body of...more
Cancer De Cerebro Y Su Tratamiento Con Glutation Los gliomas (tumores cerebrales) son quizas el tipo de cancer de cerebro mas interesante. Estan clasificados en distintas formas incluyendo el tipo, grado y localizacion. Son tambien llamado por el tipo de celulas a las que mas se parecen:- Ependinomas- Astrocitomas- Oligodendrogliomas- Oligoastrocitomas (variedad mixta)Son clasificados como de alto grado o bajo grado. Los de bajo grado tienen un mejor pronostico. Hay un sistema del 1 al 4 para clasificarlos, siendo el 1 el menos agresivo.SintomasLos sintomas dependen de la parte del sistema nervioso que sea afectado.Una vez en el cerebro pueden incluir dolores de cabeza, nausea, vomitos, convulsiones, y desordenes de los nervios craneales resultado de un incremento en la presion intracranealUna vez en el nervio optico puede resultar en perdida visual.En la espina dorsal puede causar dolor severo, debilitamiento, o entumecimiento de las extremidades.A pesar de que no puede hacer metastasis en la sangre, puede externderse por el fluido cerebroespinal a la espina dorsal.Pronostico.En la actualidad el pensamiento general es que no puede ser curado. El pronostico de los pacientes con un glioma de alto grado es generalmente malo. La...more
Eat Mandarins Orange To Fight Against Cancer People of different cultures all love this citrus fruit for its sweet taste and amazing health benefits. Mandarin fruit extract are rather beneficial to our health. And among all these health benefits, mandarins are well known for the rich package of vitamin C. and it seems that this "humble" citrus...more
Gemstones For Healing Cancer Since ancient days, gemstones and crystals are widely used for protection and healing purposes. They would either place gemstones on the body or make gemstone jewelry to receive healing from gemstones. Gems and crystals clear out energy blockages from the body and heal sicknesses by their positive...more
Cancer Support - The Need Of The Hour Cancer is unfortunately a disease which affects many in our communities today. This life threatening disease affects many people in many different ways, and can be a hard time for the sufferer, as well as their family and friends. While researchers are working hard on a cure for cancer, the problem...more
Dog Cancer Things To Watch For In Your Dog Most cancers signs or symptoms in dogs vary with several types of cancer. Many of the signs or symptoms are indistinct especially at the onset of the cancer. Kidney cancer in dogs usually impacts elderly pets and is likewise referred to as renal neoplasia or renal adenocarcinoma. All breeds of dogs...more
Prevencion De Cancer De Seno Eres una mujer preocupada por el cancer de seno? El cancer de mama es una enfermedad de temer bastante devastadora. Las posibilidades de que conozcas a alguien que haya pasado por un cancer de mama o este pasando por uno es muy alta, las posibilidades son de 1 de 8. Cerca de 250,000 escucharan esta...more
Jobelyn Antioxidant: Is It The Answer To Cancer Cure? Western medicine, in contrast to at least 6,000 years of natural medicine, treats the body as a collection of parts instead of as a synergistic organism. When it comes to treating broken bones and injured body parts, mainstream Western medicine is unequalled. When this same approach is used to treat...more
Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer - How To Choose One If you or your loved one is suffering from Mesothelioma and you wish to seek legal redress for your sufferings, you first task is to engage a competent Mesothelioma cancer lawyer.Mesothelioma and its effectsMesothelioma is a malignant cancer which is caused due to prolonged exposure to asbestos...more
Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer - Know More Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer is a lawyer who has done specialisation in mesothelioma cases and is a lawyer who can handle asbestos exposed cases the best other than others. Its really important to have a fair and clear relation between you and your Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer as he would have to be...more
Gaining A Better Understanding Of Cancer It would be easy to think that with all the resources having been spend on cancer cures over the decades that a cure is in reach, but that just isn't the case. New treatments and pre-screenings methods can be misleading, especially if the person thinks that a cancer diagnosis will lead to some...more
Overcoming Cancer Means Reversing The Condition That First Caused It To Develop Its important to find the reasons why a person develops cancer because the only genuine way to overcome it is to deal with these reasons and that will allow the body to remove it. Unfortunately our orthodox medical system focuses on the theory that cancer is caused by a foreign invader and believes...more
Information About Surgery As Cancer Treatment People are getting more and more busy in the modern society. Because of the busy life style, cancer becomes more and more common in our life. With the advancement of medical technology, there are many cancer treatment methods and procedures available. Among them, surgery is the oldest method that...more
Everything We Need To Know About Oral Cancer Many people experience having an oral condition or oral problem if they do not maintain a healthy oral condition. There are various oral problems that we experience. Some of them are not totally serious like tooth ache and gum problems. One of the most serious types of oral concern is the oral...more
Can The Stilbenoids Really Fight Cancer? The stilbenoids are a group of 2 phytonutrients (plant based chemical compounds with numerous health benefits) - pterostilbene and resveratrol. Early evidence suggests that they may be able to prevent diabetes, protect against mental disorders and more. But can this really be possible? In this...more
Alcohol Linked To Mouth Cancer - Nhs Sets Up Screening Centres One of the primary risk factors for mouth cancer is excessive intake of alcohol; it can increase the possibility of developing the cancer by up to four times. For this reason, mouth screening events were organised across Tyneside last week to detect people at higher risk for mouth cancer. Macmillan...more
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