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Living With Cancer

The word "cancer" still has a very intimidating effect on people, despite the fact that there are currently many new and improved treatments for the disease, with higher survival rates, as opposed to in the past.When a patient hears the words -" you have Cancer", it is sometimes a synonym for- you are actually about to die. This assumption is not as obvious as it was in the past, and more patients learn with time that their cancer is becoming...more

October Horoscopes 2011 Of Cancer

All Cancer decans have Venus trine their sign during October. The planet of peace and harmony should make everything in your world seem beautiful. In many spheres you will continue the good work you commenced last month. But there are other spheres in which you make fresh headway. Although this is not necessarily a time of great recognition, it does suits giving birth to new projects, or building on what you have begun around your last...more

Breast Reduction - Does It Reduce Cancer Risk?

Breast reduction is something many women need to have. Often times, larger tissue amounts can cause significant problems in various areas of the body. While it does not cause cancer, some experts believe that by removing excess tissue here, you can also reduce your risk of developing problems in the long term with cancer or other serious medical problems. Each person is very different and it is quite possible that you will find yourself struggling to find a solution to your health concerns without talking to a doctor first.Is This Disease a Risk for You?In some cases, people know they have an increased risk of developing cancerous tumors or growths. it may be because of past experiences. In other situations, the cause of this is due to a genetic predisposition for the condition. If you have an increased risk of having it, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about ways to prevent it from occurring or affecting your future. Take the time necessary to ensure you get any preventive care possible. It could save your life.In some cases, doctors do recommend breast reduction for this reason. There is no guarantee that this procedure will cut your risks or stop it from occurring, but...more

Will Cancer Be Around For Years To Come? you really think that there will ever be a cure? Well this is something that is debated by many and chances are good that while this article may make you think about this topic from a new perspective, the question will probably still remain.Considered to be rich people diseases, cancer and heart disease are serious illnesses, especially...more

True Cures For Cancer Means Treating The Cause, Not Just The Symptoms.

Conventional treatments for cancer now days with their life threatening side effects are a search and destroy mission with little thought about the damage to the human body. There is no point in removing cancer growths if they are only going to come back again in a more sinister form. Thats why to successfully cure the body of cancer it is far more...more

Cancer Fighting Vegetables

Researcher says that 90% cancers can be prevented with the help of proper nutrition, life style modification and regular exercise. Today we are exposed to pollution, stress, and cigarette smoke, industrial waste which is increasing chances of getting cancer or damaging our body. Antioxidants are the agent which fight against this damage and help you maintain your youth, health, prevent diseases. Vegetables are an inevitable part of Indian diet. Though we can see western diet is entering in our daily life style, we are also learning about keeping well, prevent diseases. We need to know about the selection of the vegetables in our daily diet to fight against cancer.Fresh vegetables are good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium etc. These nutrients are potent antioxidants. One needs to incorporate them in daily diet. Right from small kids to elderly in home must consume them in adequate amount. Antioxidants and Vitamins may not help in breast cancer. Breast cancer patients who take antioxidants may have an increased or decreased risk of death or recurrent cancer, depending on which vitamin they use, a new study suggests.Kale: Amongst all the vegetables Kale is powerful...more

The Benefits Of Marijuana On Appetite Amongst Patients With Cancer

One of the most readily observed and acknowledged side effects of cannabis on the human body is the development of appetite. This particular impact has actually been documented empirically by various societies for hundreds of years. Only over the...more

Cancer Horoscope November 2011

November is typically a romantic month for Cancer, as the Sun warms your 5th house of love, creativity, and children. When it comes down to it, the rewards are going to go to those who have already invested major time and energy in getting what they...more

Mesothelioma Attorneys: Helping Victims Of Asbestos Cancer

Mesothelioma is a lethal, aggressive cancer largely caused due to exposure of asbestos fibers used in shipyards, cement companies and many other industries. Mesothelioma affects the peritoneum (covering of abdomen), pleura (covering of lungs), and...more

Mapk Pathways Acts As An Anti-cancer Substance

WHAT ARE MAPK PATHWAYS?The signaling pathways that are known as as conserved pathways activate the mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPKS) system. These are the molecules that rely upon the extracellular stimulations to the intracellular response....more

Blood Cancer Whats The Right Treatment?

The earlier Blood Cancer is detected, the greater and better are the chances of recovery. Hospitals in India, backed-up by competent docs and world-class technologies, are now amongst the best hospitals for Blood Cancer Treatment. Patients no longer...more

Curing Cancer Made Easy - The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 1

We have been taught, indoctrinated, and essentially told that doctors (and even nurses, in some cases) know what's best for us, especially when it comes to the well-being of our bodies. And to be fair, most of the time they really do know all...more
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