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Stomach Cancer Treatment In India At Mumbai At Low Cost.

Stomach CancerOverviewThe stomachThe stomach is part of the digestive system. It is a hollow organ in the upper abdomen, under the ribs.The wall of the stomach has five layers : -* Inner layer or lining (mucosa): - Juices made by glands in the inner layer help digest food. Most stomach cancers begin in this layer.* Submucosa: - This is the support tissue for the inner layer.* Muscle layer: - Muscles in this layer create a rippling motion that...more

When Are They Going To Find A Cure For Cancer?

A friend of mine named Karen put a comment on facebook the other day saying when are they going to find a cure for cancer as my close neighbour has just been diagnosed with it. She said I wish it was very soon so it will help my dear friend and neighbour.Knowing a little more than Karen about the subject and whats going on in the cancer industry I felt compelled to reply but in a personal email to her. This is what I said, Im sorry to hear about...more

Effective Ways To Fight Cancer

Cancer now days have become one of the most dreadful diseases that have affected millions through out the world. It is medically termed as malignant neoplasm. Cancer is basically caused due to uncontrollable growth of the malignant cells. Statistics reveal that the death rate due to malignant neoplasm is continuously rising and will reach 12 million in 2030. Over 200 types of cancer have been discovered till now. Following are some most common types of cancer that are found in children, women and men:* Children: lymphoma, Leukemia and brain tumors.* Women: lung, colorectal and Breast.* Men: colorectal, lung and Prostate.Effective Cancer TreatmentsCancer treatments mainly focus on controlling and removing the malignant cells. Unfortunately these treatments have some side effects such as recurrence of cancer and various infections but this is not necessary in all cases. Following are the details about some of the most successful treatments for cancer:Biologic Therapy: The main base of this therapy is to focus on the proper functioning of the immune system by utilizing the substance that occurs naturally in our body and helps in fighting cancer. Biological therapy aims to enhance the...more

Esophageal Cancer, Possible Side Effect Of Fosamax

There have been recent reports which claim that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had received reports of at least 23 patients in the United States where diagnosed with esophageal cancer while on Fosamax.The time frame of these instances of esophageal cancer falls between the initial marketing of Fosamax in October 1995 all the...more

Curing Cancer Made Easy The Easy Facts That Your Doctor Will Not Inform You Part 2

Now when the lump or tumor is punctured, what happens to the toxins being contained? Right! It spreads everywhere and anywhere. So instead of curing cancer, it is actually making it worse. Instead of cleaning the toxins, you are actually expediting the "killing" process. Oh how wrong have we been! And the worst part? The worst part is that the...more

A Booming Market Drives The Growth Of Cancer Generics

According to our new research report, Cancer Generics Market Analysis, market for cancer generics is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 27% during 2010-2014 and all classes of drugs are set to experience splendid growth. As oncology products sales worth of billions are at risk from generic erosion in the coming future and the imminent introduction of a regulatory pathway for bio-generics is possible, the world is well poised to witness strong demand for cancer generic drugs.Our report provides a deep insight of the key oral generic cancer drugs. Casodex, for instance, is mainly used for the treatment of prostate cancer and is considered to be the leading anti-androgen drug in the US, European countries, and Japan. The generic version of Casodex is sold by Mylan, Actavis, Sun Pharma, etc. and it is believed that the generic version of Casodex would cost around 77% less than its branded version.Our report, Cancer Generics Market Analysis, categorizes the global cancer generics market into oral generic cancer drugs and generic cancer injectables. It also covers comprehensive information on the current status of the cancer generic drugs market and provides a deep analysis of key...more

Childhood Leukaemia Studies Could Hold Key To Greater Cancer Treatment Advances

Successful demonstrations of a possible new drug to treat the most common form of leukaemia found in babies have led scientists to believe that it could be adapted to treat other forms of the common blood or bone marrow cancer.While it is estimated...more

Changing Diet To Cope With Cancer

Everybody knows that cancer is a serious disease. Many people around the world die beacuse of this disease. This illness cause painful and traumatic experience to people, in fact, many are afraid just hearing news about cancer. Most cancers are...more

How To Increase Your Odds Of Success With Cancer

Cancer today is well understood, there is no mystery to the disease and all cancers appear for a reason. It is not caused by bad genes or something beyond our control. It appeared because of a weakened immune system, our built in repair system that...more

Cancer De Cerebro Y Su Tratamiento Con Glutation

Los gliomas (tumores cerebrales) son quizas el tipo de cancer de cerebro mas interesante. Estan clasificados en distintas formas incluyendo el tipo, grado y localizacion. Son tambien llamado por el tipo de celulas a las que mas se parecen:-...more

Eat Mandarins Orange To Fight Against Cancer

People of different cultures all love this citrus fruit for its sweet taste and amazing health benefits. Mandarin fruit extract are rather beneficial to our health. And among all these health benefits, mandarins are well known for the rich package of...more

Gemstones For Healing Cancer

Since ancient days, gemstones and crystals are widely used for protection and healing purposes. They would either place gemstones on the body or make gemstone jewelry to receive healing from gemstones. Gems and crystals clear out energy blockages...more
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