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CSA 2010 - An initiative to improve safety measures

CSA 2010 - An initiative to improve safety measures

CSA stands for Comprehensive Safety Analysis. The CSA 2010 is an initiative for improving the agency's safety enforcement and compliance programs. The main objective is to reduce the number of bus and large truck crashes along with the injuries and casualties that come with it. The 2010 initiative of the CSA constitutes four major essentials measurement, intervention, information technology, and safety evaluation.

The measurement system usually evaluates the performance of safety on the basis of data collected from the drivers. However, based on the degree of importance, the evaluation method can vary. For instance, it can be judged on the basis of four yardsticks drivers, accidents, safety management, and vehicles. The CSA 2010 however has implemented the best measurement system so far. It evaluates data by grouping them into seven categories, known as BASICs (Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories). The seven categories of these BASICs are: crash experience, cargo securement, vehicle maintenance, drugs/alcohol, driver fitness, fatigued driving, and unsafe driving.

The evaluation of data would depend heavily on the precise time and the crash causation. If the BASICs are found good, the FMCSA will not interfere with the matters of the carrier. Under these circumstances, the CSA system 2010 will also inform the FMCSA, if the performance of the carrier reaches a level that cannot be accepted. The authenticity of the safety fitness would be judged on the performance of the processed data coming from previous measurement system. The marginally fit carriers would continue their operation, but it would take place with an intervention. Under special circumstances, it may be also declared as unfit.' The carriers which have been declared as unfit would be asked to rectify their fault with immediate effect. They must match the safety standards as soon as possible and also present a report about how they would be going to achieve it. If these carriers fail to present a report, their operations would be discontinued.

All these steps are formulated by CSA 2010 for lifting the safety standards of the driver and the carrier to a certain level. Similar to the 2010 CSA, The IATA has its own security and safety measures. The IATA which is now about sixty years old is a renowned international trade body. The body was created from the initiative of a group of airlines. At present, the small group which created the body has stretched to more than two hundred airlines. The major share of these airlines constitutes the global air traffic. The organization is very serious about its safety measures. It has implemented an agreement for data sharing with the European Union, United States, and the ICAO. All of them together present the safety report jointly. Moreover, it is continuing its efforts on building a pollution free air infrastructure. Projects like NextGen in America and SESAR in the European continent are some examples of their good work.

It can be said that the efforts of IATA has simplified air business to a great extent. The process of checking and verification before boarding a flight has become more secure. All in all, travelling has become easy and fast!
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