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Do You Consider These Halloween Safety Tips For Your Child?

What are some Halloween safety tips you should be aware of to ensure your child's safety this Halloween?

Halloween is suppose to be a day of unabated fun and thrills not associated with real life danger. Unfortunately, in this new and improved age we live in we do not find the utopia a so-called civilized society could perhaps enjoy.

Sad but true, many children are killed or injured every Halloween season because "safety first" are never considered.

Here are some Halloween Safety Tips for Children to help keep them safe this holiday season.

* Tell an adult where you will be trick-or-treating and only go there

* Never wear costumes that may trip you

* Make sure you can see properly when wearing a mask

* Never go into any house and only approach well lite houses

* Always go with a group of friends. Never knock on doors alone

* Never eat anything until inspected by parents or an adult first

* Keep a cell phone for emergencies in the group

* Call an adult every 30 minutes to tell where you are

* Always use crosswalks to cross the street - never between cars

* Carry a flashlight and have it on. A flashlight wand is a good idea (or make one)

* Always use sidewalks when you can

* Walk towards traffic on the shoulder when walking on pavement, with lights on (Do not shine at cars)

Here are some Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

* Keep porch lights on

* Keep porches and paths clean of any tripping hazards

* Be on constant lookout for children on the road when driving

* Buy bright reflective costumes for children walking

* Do not use masks that obscure vision (consider face paints)

* Do not purchase costumes that may be a trip hazard

* Equip children with flashlights - flashlight wand and Cell phone

* Children under 12 should never be unsupervised

* Teens should be instructed and accountable

* Consider organized trick-or-treating events for small children

Following these Halloween safety tips will help to keep every ghost and goblin and superhero safe on Halloween.

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Do You Consider These Halloween Safety Tips For Your Child?