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Domestic Home Appliance Industry Is Facing Cost Pressure

EU's environmental protection barriers are rising

. Therefore, the domestic electrical appliance enterprises should pay attention to green design.

In 2009 the EU issued the implementation details of nine categories of products, including televisions, motors, lamps and other products. In 2010 it issued the implementation details of the washing machine and the washing bowl machine. In the April of 2011, it released the rules of fan.

Currently the EU is voting for the implementation details of the ErP of the air-conditioning and comfortable fans. It is estimated in the early of the next year it will introduce relevant indicators. The ErP indicators of water heaters, drum dryers, vacuum cleaners and commercial refrigeration apparatus will be announced in the end of the next year or the beginning of the year after next.

The implementation of the EU's ErP Directive will increase enterprises' cost and pressure of production. The products of the manufacturers do not only need to meet energy efficiency index, but also provide related data about energy saving and environmental protection.

For example, the ErP implementation details of the washing machine request that since June 2011, the instructions must provide energy efficiency indicators, washed rate index, water index and so on. The new RoHS Directive extends the scope of application to all electrical and electronic products. It clearly defined the responsibilities of "manufacturer", "authorized representative", "importer" and the "dealer".

In addition to the EU, many developed countries are also improving the environmental threshold. The analyst said that the best way that the businesses deal, is to carry out green and low-carbon design.

The analyst said that the so-called "green and low-carbon design" refers to that in the product design process, the design should include all the low-carbon green regulatory standards of the target market. The regulations will go through the choice of materials, processes, packaging, transport, using, disposal or recycling phases, as far as possible to avoid any harm caused to the environment.

Therefore, the analyst predicted that the environmental costs of China's household electrical appliance enterprises in the future will increase. The profits of the appliance companies are already meager. But it is the same to all enterprises. Along with the rising environmental costs, the product price will increase. Enterprises should be prepared in this respect. The government and organizations of the industry should have strict management. The analyst said that the low-carbon and green design of the home appliances is the future trend.

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Domestic Home Appliance Industry Is Facing Cost Pressure