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Don't Forget Safety Wear For Feet At Work

Safety shoes are worn in many different areas of business

, and they are very often used in catering environments to protect staff from any potential accidents which may occur. In a kitchen or similar workplace, safety is always a prime consideration because of the presence of knives and other sharp implements. Staff will always need to be careful when handling knives and other kitchen equipment, as any accidental slips or drops could result in a serious accident. The presence of glass and china is also dangerous for the same reason, and smashed plates, cups and dishes can spread their pieces over a wide area, creating a very dangerous workplace.

Safety shoes are worn by many in this industry, as they provide a barrier between the feet and any dangerous objects or areas which may occur. Most will incorporate a steel toe cap, to protect this delicate area from any falling objects. The material that safety shoes are made from is also generally quite thick and padded, to protect the rest of the foot during working hours.

One of the main purposes of safety shoes for catering environments is to prevent slips trips and falls, which can be incredibly dangerous. Kitchens can often be very busy workplaces, and the presence of hot liquids, oils, cleaning products such as bleach, and even mild acids can all cause slips and injuries very easily. The soles of safety shoes for catering environments should be thick and resistant to corrosive liquids which may damage the foot. The soles should also feature a textured pattern, which will help to provide grip when moving around the kitchen. Textured soles are also very good for avoiding slips when walking on spilled liquids, as the pattern on the sole will provide a better level of traction.

Safety shoes in kitchen environments are essential for avoiding unnecessary accidents, and in such a busy workplace spills, slips and trips can often occur. If staff are hurt they may need to be absent from work whilst they recover. Absences can cost money and place pressure onto the rest of the workforce whilst one member is not present. Avoiding accidents as much as possible is essential for health and safety, and for a happy work team!

Safety shoes are also used in many other businesses, and can be found for both men and women in a range of different styles, to suit the occasion appropriately. Most safety shoes will comprise a steel toe cap or similar protection made from a different metal, and a textured sole for extra grip. Most will also have a relatively large sole to provide as much area as possible for a good amount of traction. Safety shoes can be found in a trainer style for more casual use, in black and white and also in a more formal style shoe design. This is perfect for managers and supervisors who need to visit a site but are perhaps wearing a suit. The right shoes are essential for protecting all staff when they are working in high risk environments.

by:Graham Heap
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