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An Economy Is Made Of Units An economy is composed of units and they are classified into three groups. The first one is known as households. A household is composed of a family or extended family that can be considered together as a unit residing in one residence. The second unit of an economy our business firms.These are companies that can be either small or large but for the most part are considered as a distinct unit in terms of how they spend their money. The third and...more
Overcoming A Bad Economy by Ignoring It! Overcoming A Bad Economy by Ignoring It! With a poor economy and a long, jobless, economic recovery predicted by most economists for the foreseeable future, if you are lucky to be employed, how secure are you? Companies large and small are demanding that their remaining employees do more with fewer resources. And, the threat of unemployment, real or implied, hangs over your head as you have to work longer hours at the same wage. With the...more
50cc Scooters and Fuel Economy 50cc Scooters and Fuel Economy It seems that the price of fuel has increased with every trip to the petrol station these days. Filling the tank of a car has become a frequent and difficult to manage expense. Fortunately the purchase of a 50cc scooter for your daily commute could help to save you a small fortune each month due to, not only the incredibly fuel economy that you can expect a scooter to deliver, but also many other reduced costs. Fuel Economy First and foremost, let's consider fuel economy. The most efficient cars on the market today might be able to deliver 40 – 50 miles per gallon when driving in a particularly reserved manner. Compare this to the 70 mpg that you can expect from a 50cc scooter and you start to realise just how much money you could be saving. Even scooters with larger engines could still deliver between 40 and 70 mpg, potentially saving some of your hard earned cash on every journey. Road TaxEvery time the government change their legislation on road tax it seems to end up costing more to the average road user. Fortunately, the worry of forking over potentially several hundreds of pounds could soon be neutralised, as the cost of road tax...more
Handicrafts Industry Overshadows Jodhpur Economy Jodhpur handicraft industry has eclipsed almost every other industry in this second largest city of Rajasthan in recent years. The importance of handicrafts industry makes Jodhpur news weightage over other cities across the country.Especially wooden furniture made in Jodhpur has always been in great demand not only across India but abroad too. The furniture export alone accounts for more than Rs 1...more
Of Nigeria's Hand-To-Mouth Economy Of Nigeria's Hand-To-Mouth Economy According to the Christian Bible, when God created Adam and Eve, presumably the first parents of all humankind, he put them in a beautiful garden of abundance, but when they sinned through the agency of the devil in the guise of a serpent, God condemned them and their descendants on end to a life of labour thus: "All your life you will sweat to...more
How the Fed Could Save the Economy and Destroy the Currency How the Fed Could Save the Economy and Destroy the Currency Is the glass half full? The Federal Reserve has committed to buying $600 billion worth of Treasury bonds between now and June, and it wants to purchase up to $900 billion in debt by the end of September 2011.1 This second round of quantitative easing has been dubbed QE2. Basically, this effort would pump cash into the banking system to promote lending and some inflation, and it has the potential to help stocks, the housing market, consumer spending and employment. Let us all be reminded that the basic premise of the Fed lowering interest rates or in this case QE2 is that lower rates of interest leading to increased money supply in the economy will spur investors to invest, banks to loan, and businesses to hire workers and invest in their businesses, which presto creates positive economic activity.Or is it half empty? Various economists, financial analysts, and business leaders are extremely worried about the impact of this tactic. They fear it may create another stock market bubble like the dot com bubble via an inflated equities market motivated by speculation and low interest rates instead of real earnings by...more
Straw derivative of the Kingdom, "kang economy" Straw derivative of the Kingdom, "kang economy" In an interview Pingdu Xinhe Town, feel like being in a straw handicraft "kingdom," written just grass handicraft businesses along the road everywhere, straw processing points throughout the villages, nature's intricate...more
Dealing with Today's Economy When Owning and Operating a Dollar Store Dealing with Today's Economy When Owning and Operating a Dollar Store We've all heard the same reports on the economy time and time again. Those owning and operating a dollar store have been right in the middle of this storm. The stories of doom and gloom everywhere have proven true...more
How Ralph Gonsalves Damaged Economy How Ralph Gonsalves Damaged Economy There are several ways in which you bring an economy down on its knees. The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, left no stone unturned to ensure that there was little or no economic prosperity for the Vincentians. To avoid...more
5 Things To Do When The Economy Rebounds When the ship is going down, it is hard to think about your favorite restaurant, television show, or movie. As the old poem goes:When the ship is sinking I m not thinkingI dont care about thrivingJust survivingA lot of it makes sense. Why think about that great vacation to Hawaii you would love to...more
Strengthening Cooperation to Promote the Common Prosperity of the Chinese and World Economy Strengthening Cooperation to Promote the Common Prosperity of the Chinese and World Economy It is my great pleasure to have Mr. Kohler join me to discuss with you on the issues of the world economy and China's reform and development. This is Mr. Kohler's fourth visit to China since...more
Economy Of Jersey Modern EconomyThe modern economy of Jersey is largely driven by international financial services & legal services, which accounted for 53% of total GVA in 2007. Other sectors include construction, retail, agriculture, tourism and order fulfillment, such as internet based selling.In recent years...more
Wholesale Imports Are Vital to a Functioning World Economy Wholesale Imports Are Vital to a Functioning World Economy To state it simply, wholesale imports are the goods that one region purchases from another region. These commodities will probably be such things as textiles, cloths, fresh foods, raw supplies and produced materials. And now in such a...more
The Latin America Economy: Finding The Opportunities The economy of Latin America is represented by 20 countries and over 560 million people. This region is filled with endless opportunities that still remain untapped throughout the years. This has attracted large numbers of foreign companies to search for growth opportunities after realizing that...more
Current state of the economy 2010 Current state of the economy 2010 This global recession wehave entered 3 years ago is by far the worst since the great depression What we don't know is this will be a much bigger recession than the great depression. All analysts are saying the worst is over but there is no greater...more
Economy of Seattle Economy of Seattle Economically Seattle is very stable city as a result it becomes a attractive factors for most of the companies and people who then come here to this city in search of better opportunities and to grow, and live a luxurious and well profited life. Seattle economy is run by...more
Angels Still Actively Stimulating The Economy It is a commonly held belief that angel investment generally reduces during the period of an economic recession. The reasons behind this idea is not far-fetched as it is believed that when there is a crash in the market, angels that would have otherwise been interested in investing in business...more
The Accounting Model is a liability - it could be used as a "weapon" by our enemies to bring our international economy to its knees The Accounting Model is a liability - it could be used as a "weapon" by our enemies to bring our international economy to its knees This is not a conspiracy theory, but rather an exposé of how the inadequacies of the Accounting Model could be used as a "weapon" against us. The...more
The True State of the Economy The True State of the Economy The true state of the economy depends on who you talk to. Optimists look at figures and say that things are looking better. Pessimists look at the same figures and say that things may look a little better right now, but it is a false positive. What do the...more
Fuel Economy Fuel Economy In the current economic climate, with fuel prices soaring and VAT going up, we should all think about how to save money when using our vehicles. Implement the following tips and save money across the board with motoring.Do you really need to drive? The shorter the journey,...more
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