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Is The Us Economy Really Recovering? One of my mentors once said, whenever the government and media say something, believe the exact opposite. The most reliable sources are those that are coming out of mainstream. Listen to these, study, learn and prepare accordingly. It's a powerful way to learn how to prepare and profit from the next several years.Is The Us Economy Really Recovering? By: Gen Wright About the Author World recognized trends forecasters,...more
How to Stay Positive In Today's Economy! The economy has taken a toll on a big percentage of Americans. People have not only lost their jobs, their dream homes, their cars, their worldly positions, but their dreams have also been shattered.  So how do you stay positive when you have lost everything?Stay Away From NegativityOne way to do this, is embed positive affirmations is your mind. Stay out of all the negativity, like the news and people around you that are whining, saying ole...more
Collecting From Patients During A Tough Economy Collections are not the most pleasant part of running a practice but without a steady cash flow, doctors can't afford to provide care. Balancing the office's need for income with positive customer service is a delicate task but one make easier with a good EMR system.Verify Insurance CoverageMost patients depend on a third-party payer to cover most or all of medical expenses. Having full information on a patient's medical insurance makes it easier to file claims and results in faster payment to the practice. However patients may not be forthcoming about changes in insurance coverage or may not be aware of modifications to their policies.An EMR system that includes insurance eligibility checks benefits both the physician and the patient. Office staff can verify the patient's coverage before the exam and determine what copayments need to be collected at the time of service. The EMR system also streamlines referral verification so the patient can be assured all plan requirements have been satisfied and payment for the visit will not be unexpectedly denied.Stay CurrentPatient information should be verified at every visit and entered in the EMR system. This includes...more
Why LGN Prosperity will get you through this bad economy?  Why LGN Prosperity will get you through this bad economy? By: Beulah Farquharson About the Author Beulah Farquharson is the President of the Buenaventura Lakes Community Association in Buenaventura Lakes, Florida, and the Editor-In-Chief of the BVL Navigator, a local newspaper distributed to thousands of Florida residents. Beulah is a civic leader devoted to helping people...more
Off In The Weeds - How Investors Are Reaping Rewards In This Economy If you have been following the business and financial headlines over the past few months, there is a good chance you are at least giving your investment holdings and the system that you use to track, analyze and advise on it an earnest second look. With value, and by value we are talking about billions of dollars, USD, evaporating every day, there is little to no wiggle room for even the slightest...more
Core Elements Of The Russian Economy Following we will elaborate on the main facets of the Russian economy. On the whole, the country is doing better than ever before, even considering the effects of the global crisis. Russia is one of the most promising countries in the world, which entices many people to learn more about it. Some people even take Russian lessons. Note that you don't need to pay for Russian lessons online; there are a number of Russian lessons free online.Russia's economy is heir to the Soviet economy, which underwent substantial changes in the 90's - after the collapse of the USSR. The main sectors of the Russian economy are: the service sector (49% of GDP), manufacturing (16% of GDP), mining (9.0% of GDP), construction (5% of GDP), agriculture, forestry and fisheries (4% of GDP), production and distribution of electricity, gas and water (3% of GDP).Let's take a look at this country's wealth by area. Western Siberia is rich in oil and gas. Eastern Siberia is renowned for hydropower, nonferrous metallurgy, and the forest industry. The Far East is rich in gold, diamonds, and seafood. The Northern region has coal, oil, gas, metals, forests, and fish. The Central Black Soil...more
Does This Economy Strain More Than Just Your Wallet? It Just May Be A Pain In The Neck. The economy is a big pain in the neck. Even our current president, Barack Obama, says it's going to "take time" for things to get better. How much time is the real question Nobody really knows. And as more large companies receive "bail-outs" and the amount of these "bail-outs" grows, one...more
Going Freelance in Today's Economy If you prefer to work independently without being bounded by an employment contract, then performing independent jobs is just correct for you. It also functions to their benefit because they don't have to spend the quantity of a normal salary.Independent work have become much more of a norm...more
Green economy Even so, only a very small percentage of bags being produced and bought world wide are made from non woven material. This however, also means that there is a huge potential in regards to domestic as well as global trade when it comes to non woven bags. The China suppliers have already started; one...more
A Short Summary Of Our Economy Everyday on the news we hear about the economy. Sometimes it sounds like a whole other language. But with a five minute lesson in economics, maybe you can feel a little more confident in your place in the economy. Whether you're the owner of a fledgling business looking into recovery audits or...more
Neo-Democracy; Matrix of the Mass Economy ...more
Bpo And The Economy Information on topics like BPO tends to be one-dimensional. You can get pages of material on what the call center services are and how many types of answering services can be provided by premiere business outsourcing destinations. It is tough to find other aspects of this rather multi-faceted...more
The Basics of any Economy  The Basics of any Economy By: Stuart Michael M About the Author Dennis enjoys writing on wide range of topics such as Discuss Money . You may visit for more details. (ArticlesBase SC #2937199) Article Source: - The Basics of any...more
Bottled Gas For Flexibility, Economy And Convenience LPG is the perfect energy source for all domestic needs from central heating to cooking. It's clean, green and economical, and it's also versatile. In particular, by using bottled gas, you can enjoy the benefits of LPG in your home, even if you can't install a fixed tank. And if you...more
National Oil Companies - A Boon Or Bane For The Economy Compared to IOCs (InterNational oil companies) like BP, ExxonMobil, or any of the 'Big Oil' companies, the NOCs dominate global reserves of crude oil and natural gas. The dominance of National oil companies has seen a dramatic increase in recent years and they have also started investing...more
As the Heat Signs James, Wade, and Bosh, the Economy Booms With the announcement of the Heat's signing of three of the best players in professional basketball, residents of Miami are poised with excitement.  The possibilities of what affect this change in the roster could have on the economy of the entire state of Florida are almost endless.  The...more
Finding Work In A Slow Economy Finally, consider getting an education instead of jumping right back into a job you do not love. If you have always dreamed of doing something else but you lacked the schooling or training, now may be the time to pursue a new opportunity. Think about what might make you happy and if you need more...more
Barack's Economy Crisis In the end the government and Barack are the only people who can really help boost the economy, Americans need to learn not to spend more than they take in and need to recover from it.Barack's Economy Crisis By: Abby Taylor About the Author If you're also learning how...more
The most progressed and emerged economy of the world If we talk about some of the statistics then you will come to know that China has the most population side by side with India and the United States. As far as the area of this country is concerned, this country is the third largest country in terms of area and economically becoming the market leader...more
Embrace Change During This Tough Economy by Putting More Change in Your Pocket HNA-NET.comEmbrace Change During This Tough Economy by Putting More Change in Your Pocket By: Sherry Krueger About the Author At Healthcare Networks of America, our mission is to drive more patients to the medical practice through its ever growing provider network and provide...more
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