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Surviving a Bad Economy One of the things that you can do to to prepare for an unforeseen financial crisis is learn how to can and preserve your own food, and how to build a personal food bank to ride out tough times. If you're afraid of being labeled as "one of those people", ask yourself if you'd rather be one of those people who plan ahead and survive, or one of those who scoff and struggle later on.Surviving a Bad Economy By: Ed Corcoran ...more
When Talking About The Economy Can Be Rude Owning a recruiting firm, I do know that the economy and subsequent hiring is picking up. People do have more opportunities than they did a year from today, though it is not best to speak about it sometimes. I know a lot of great sales and marketing people out of work and, in all honesty, the economy is still not good. I used to try and be an idealist and think that the media does not control our ideas and our actions, but they do. The...more
The Bernake Effect: Stimulating The Economy The environment was marked by a struggling US economy with continuing employment problems, a weak housing market and a burgeoning deficit, which could erode investor confidence. Bernake's position was position was sandwiched between stimulating the economy, while also satisfying congressmen on the tough political question of the fiscal deficit. The deficit has reached unmanageable proportions due to the fiscal stimulus provided by the government. However, the continuation of government spending is still necessary to keep the US economy on a recovery path and its withdrawal at this point of time could lead the US economy to slip back into recession.Given all these constraints, Bernake seems to have done his job well. His key move was to announce that the Fed would continue to hold interest rates close to zero for several months in order to provide easy liquidity for the economy to recover. He stated that in view of the sluggish economy, a weak housing market further constrained by a high unemployment rate required interest rates to be kept low for an extended period. Any move to increase interest rates at this point of time could prove to be harmful to the US economic recovery....more
Prescription HCG And The Struggling Economy During a rough economy, most people are believed to want to hold onto their wallets rather than spend.  This is when budgets are watched, people spend less, and families participate in less extra curricular activities that cost money.  As people become stressed about finances, they could turn to eating and food as a way to cope.  In such down times, it is thought that Prescription HCG could...more
Changes In the US Economy: Savings Overtake Consumer Spending The fine balancing act that the government does at this point to lubricate the economy on the one hand and to keep the fiscal health of the US on the other hand are key to determine the strength of the US dollar going ahead.Changes In the US Economy: Savings Overtake Consumer Spending By: Cedric Welsch About the Author Do you want to really make profits with forex? Make sure...more
A Look at the Swiss Economy In a series of referenda in 2003-5, Swiss citizens transformed their country forever, economically aligning it with the European Union and opening it up to work migration. It was an uncharacteristic response to increasingly worrisome times.In March 2003, Switzerland's annual rate of inflation...more
Understanding the Unofficial Economy Some call it the "unofficial" or "informal" economy, others call it the "grey economy" but the old name fits it best: the "black economy". In the USA "black" means "profitable, healthy" and this is what the black economy is. Macedonia should count its blessings for having had a black economy so...more
A Glimpse at the Middle East Economy On February 24, 2003, in the Islamic Financial Forum in Dubai, Brad Bourland, chief economist for the Saudi American Bank (SAMBA), breached the embarrassed silence that invariably enshrouds speakers in Middle Eastern get-togethers. He reminded the assembled that despite the decades-long fortuity of...more
Sliding Window- Another Way of Space Economy  Sliding Window- Another Way of Space Economy By: Sanjeev Kumar About the Author Fenesta is a leading home decoration service provider in India. Fenesta offers two ranges of sliding windows and sliding doors; Series 1500 and Series 3000 depending on the size, wind loads,...more
Effect of the Economy on Cosmetic Surgery If you have been considering a cosmetic procedure, please be sure to check out our cosmetic procedures specials on my website – I hope that by passing along these savings to you, you may be able to realize your dream for a new, revitalized you.Effect of the Economy...more
Starting a Private Practice in a Tough Economy: 5 Suggestions I wish you the best.Starting a Private Practice in a Tough Economy: 5 Suggestions By: Sherry Collier, LMFT About the Author Sherry Collier is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who coaches individuals and groups about starting or expanding their own small business.  As a...more
Staying Positive In Todays Economy With Affirmations! Staying Positive In Todays Economy With Affirmations!The economy has taken a toll on a big percentage of Americans. Peoplehave not only lost their jobs, their dream homes, their cars, theirworldly positions, but their dreams have also been shattered. So howdo you stay positive when you have lost...more
Prophetic Dream: World Economy Collapse This year is a season for rapid spiritual growth. Therefore, we will endeavor to put our efforts forward to know Him in meditation on the written word and waiting on Him to know His voice better. Unless we developed a love for the truth we will be deceived in latter times. True worship is to worship...more
Wireless Emergency Information System: Installation with Ease and Economy Wireless Emergency Information System is a compact and proven device for installation at all kind of work places like schools, factories, military establishments, play grounds etc.Wireless Emergency Information System: Installation with Ease and Economy By: Nikhil Shah About the...more
Fighting Back the Economy - keep fighting www.gettingbackmycredit.blogspot.comFighting Back the Economy - keep fighting By: Brad Rhoades About the Author I love to network in person and online. I believe being proactive is the key to overcoming these slow economic times. Being positive is great but without taking...more
Car Parts At Your Reach And Economy Motor vehicles have numerous parts and spares which are used within it. In order to keep a car running, you have to maintain it with good quality car parts in an appropriate way. There are many options of buying new or used auto parts for your vehicle. We are always in need of buying quality parts...more
Surviving An Economy Crisis During these tough economical times people wonder if their will ever be jobs again. The frustration of not knowing where next months rent is going to come from can run deep, but now that people have been without jobs for so long new problems are beginning to sprout. No longer do people...more
Fuel Injector Cleaning Can Improve Fuel Economy Deposits from fuel can accumulate on your car's engine intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. Dirty fuel injectors, one of the most common problems, can cause clogging, which leads to a wide variety of engine problems such as loss of power, rough idle,...more
Economy/ News/ Prices The city of Aliso Viejo is located in the Orange County region of the United States. It has an estimated population of around 41,424 and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It is bordered by well publicized cities of Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills.The economic picture of Aliso Viejo is quite...more
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