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HP helps fight poverty in tough economy with charitable CARE sweepstakes campaign

HP helps fight poverty in tough economy with charitable CARE sweepstakes campaign HP is looking to do its part with the HP Technology Services sweepstakes. Here's how it works: HP will donate $10 to CARE every time a registered visitor votes for his or her favorite Technology Services Expert on the sweepstakes   gucci handbags  site. Visitors can vote up to seven times a day. [Disclosure: HP is s sponsor of BriefingsDirect...more

Does recession still have grip on economy or Is Economy in grip of recession

Does recession still have grip on economy or Is Economy in grip of recession The fear of recession looms all over the world. Weakening of the American economy is bad news, not just for India, but for the rest of the world too. India has grown substantially over the past few years with major outsourcing deals from US , UK and Australia. Indian exports too saw major success in the past .According to experts the long term prospects for India...more

What Honduras Taught Me About Thriving In Any Economy!

What Honduras Taught Me About Thriving In Any Economy! I am passionate about networking, so much so that I believe if you build your network you will actually change your life. This past week more than proved that to me. My trip to Honduras with the Asheville Rotary Club gave me an amazing opportunity to witness the level to which networking and relationships are vital to survival, to changing lives and to our overall success both professionally and personally. This trip opened my eyes to just how much people skilled in the art of investing in relationships and developing networks can make happen. I am, by nature, an observer as I love to watch people. Watching people, for me, is one of the greatest opportunities to learn. I am, also by nature, obsessed with business. I watch business programs, read business magazines and study business books with the enthusiasm others watch Reality TV or read Tabloids. Strange I know, but I have been that way since I was a kid. Those two habits or natural tendencies served me well this past week in Honduras, as I observed the impact networking and relationships can have on people, community and business.The very foundation of Rotary is...more

The Work Of Recruitment Consultancy Is Almost Irreplaceable In Todays Economy

Whenever one has gone out in search of a job, the first hurdle they have faced is about where to start their search. The friends and families are asked about a job in their mind. Whether, they as friends in their social circle have knowledge of any job vacancies. They are then requested to refer the names to some of their known social friends. The...more

Economy and Practicality of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Economy and Practicality of Prefabricated Steel Buildings Over the last couple of decades, technological advancements in the design and manufacture of prefabricated steel buildings have led to its status today – the leading choice in the construction industry. Today, modern steel buildings can be designed to assume every conceivable...more

The Economy May Be Bad…But What (Or Who) Is Really Sinking Your Team?

The Economy May Be Bad…But What (Or Who) Is Really Sinking Your Team? I had a fascinating and eye opening experience this last week. A vendor we've been working with, who is wonderful and has always been eager to be helpful…was not her normal self.  I'll spare you the details, except to say that here's what I noticed: her energy was off, she was short with me and tense, and when I asked her to help me with something – that I knew she wanted to help me with – she said "it's out of my control, my power has been taken away." I left there feeling less excited about and connected to the company, bothered about my customer care person and the experience, deflated, and not really eager to go back. I also felt a breach of trust (no great reason for it, just the feeling I had.) I left there wondering if I should find another vendor, drop the deal (it's a BIG deal – high dollars, high value), or just blow it all off. The more I thought about it, the more bugged I got…it was incongruent with my experience of the past. I went back to find out what was up…In a word…"leadership. Here's the scoop. The economy, in many peoples' perceptions...more

Economy of Denver

Economy of Denver Every city needs to have good sound economy to survive otherwise the city is deserted and abandoned. The attractive factor for people and business in a city is the economy. The more stable the economy will be more people will...more

Eat A Carrot, Hurt The Economy Sometimes

Eat A Carrot, Hurt The Economy Sometimes Eating a healthy diet may be good for you, but it could be unintentional weight loss in the economies of some developing countries, a new study says. British researchers to model what might happen if...more

How Ralph Gonsalves Damaged Economy

There are several ways in which you bring an economy down on its knees. The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, left no stone unturned to ensure that there was little or no economic prosperity for the Vincentians. To avoid...more

Weak Economy Forces Many Brides To Look Out For Bargains

Limos, open bars, and bridesmaids in pastel: That big fat Jersey Front Zip Latex Catsuit doesn't come cheap. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the New York metropolitan area tops $ 33,000 (compared with a national average of about $...more

Car Parts – At your reach and economy

Car Parts – At your reach and economy Motor vehicles have numerous parts and spares which are used within it. In order to keep a car running, you have to maintain it with good quality car parts in an appropriate way. There are many options...more

Contribution of Workers to the Economy

Contribution of Workers to the Economy In economics, one of the basic elements for growth and development is employment. Generally, countries with high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) have a high employment rate....more
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