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Raising Capital In A Down Economy As a real estate investor looking for capital for deals it can be very challenging especially in a down economy such as the one that we find ourselves in. However, that doesn't mean that it is going to be impossible to raise money for your real estate investing business. The key is to have the right approach and to be able to demonstrate what you have to offer for potential investors.Many investors make the mistake of believing that no one...more
Residual Income Opportunities Can Help In Todays Economy So many people are trying to find residual income opportunities. With the economy today it seems like everyone you talk need is in need of money and is trying to find a way to make it. Some of those people are even involved in dishonest ways of making some extra cash because they don't know about legal residual income opportunities. This article is going to talk about a way that is legal and easy and you can start making residual money on...more
The Leaky Building Situation May Cripple the Entire Economy While it is estimated that only 40,000 homes are currently affected, the leaky building conditions are affecting the entire country's financial condition. If you own a leaky home, you are the only party eligible to seek financial damages. The rest of the country is out of luck. The average citizen invests most of their hard-earned money purchasing a home. Purchasing a home is the single largest purchase that a person will make in their lifetime. If 40,000 leaky homes are currently rotting away (many of which are on the market), then homeowners will abandon the property, thereby increasing the number of foreclosures. A foreclosure will prohibit the homeowner from purchasing a non leaky building due to poor credit; assuming that he can ever save up enough of a down payment to purchase another home. As a result, the real estate market screeches to a halt, home values drop as desperate sellers attempt to unload their leaky homes. For sellers with perfectly healthy homes, they too are impacted, as buyers are in short supply. When will the leaky building crisis end? Those indirectly affected by the leaky home conditions include mortgage companies, real estate agents, those selling a...more
The No Fee Apartment Rental Building In the 2010 Economy city rental building.The No Fee Apartment Rental Building In the 2010 Economy By: Walker Wild About the Author The Parker Group is located in New York City and is an NO FEE / LOW FEE real estate brokerage firm specializing in NYC luxury rentals and is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent specializing in luxury condominiums sales throughout New York City. (ArticlesBase SC...more
One24 Turns A Down Economy Into A Unique Opportunity! The story of One-24 opens in 1975 when Mr.Seyforth evolved into a pioneer in the direct sales industry. Mr.Seyforth, an innovator from the beginning, set industry records when he launched his first company, which enrolled more than 160,000 distributors and created more than $100 million in sales, in 3 years!Fast forward 35 years and you will find that Mr.Seyforth has continued to have major impact...more
50cc Scooters And Fuel Economy It seems that the price of fuel has increased with every trip to the petrol station these days. Filling the tank of a car has become a frequent and difficult to manage expense. Fortunately the purchase of a 50cc scooter for your daily commute could help to save you a small fortune each month due to, not only the incredibly fuel economy that you can expect a scooter to deliver, but also many other reduced costs.Fuel EconomyFirst and foremost, let's consider fuel economy. The most efficient cars on the market today might be able to deliver 40-50 miles per gallon when driving in a particularly reserved manner. Compare this to the 70 mpg that you can expect from a 50cc scooter and you start to realise just how much money you could be saving. Even scooters with larger engines could still deliver between 40 and 70 mpg, potentially saving some of your hard earned cash on every journey.Road TaxEvery time the government change their legislation on road tax it seems to end up costing more to the average road user. Fortunately, the worry of forking over potentially several hundreds of pounds could soon be neutralised, as the cost of road tax for a year on a scooter with a 50cc engine is...more
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation: Focus on institutional capacity building to boost rural economy Watershed Development RGF has initiated one mini watershed of 600 hectare in Rahir village of Karoli district. A topographical survey of the entire area has been conducted, based on the finding of the survey RGF is in the process of conducting extensive participatory planning. The major focus would...more
A Small Way to Fuel the Economy This is a complex problem that obviously cannot be reversed overnight, but perhaps if each of us would go out of our way to buy products that are made in America it would have to help, wouldn't it?A Small Way to Fuel the Economy By: Jill Penley About the Author Jill Arnold...more
Supporting the Green Economy, a Call for Individual Action  Supporting the Green Economy, a Call for Individual Action By: Elizabeth Borelli About the Author When she's not writing for No Enem or, Elizabeth Borelli practices conscious consumption, Ashtanga yoga, and mindful parenting in beautiful Santa Cruz...more
Us Economy Stuck In Misery The middle class is dead. The US has produced a self-sustaining two-class society. Most Lower Class Americans are in bad or uncertain economic shape but the rich and powerful Upper Class crowd keeps making and spending money as if there has been no recession.Talk about a possible double-dip...more
The Uneconomy Do you believe the economy is going to recover? I'm surprised how many people believe the economy is going to get better. It's not hard to understand why. They have been repeatedly lied to by several people over and over again.The economy is not recovering this time. I noticed none of the...more
How Do Massachusetts Marinas Benefit The Economy? A survey was conducted by the Massachusetts Marina Trade Association or MMTA on April 2001. The survey aims to identify how the recreation marinas of the state contribute to its economy in a direct and quantifiable manner. Some of the findings of the survey are stated in this article.The same survey...more
What Honduras Taught Me About Thriving In Any Economy! The skill of networking and relationships is powerful if you understand it and know how to use it. This trip made me think about what people are going through in our country, a tough economy, job layoffs and challenging times. And while there is no magic bullet, no simple answer, the solution, I...more
Economy and Practicality of Prefabricated Steel Buildings In the business and commercial sectors, commercial steel buildings are also making their presence felt. One particular example is the car sales industry. This sector needs buildings with wide, open spaces where cars can be displayed, and with corresponding mezzanine floors to hold offices as well as...more
Starcraft 2 Economy Guide - What You Need To Know To Build Up The Strongest Economy In SC2 So, do you want to start building up the strongest economy and do you want to easily crush your enemies too in Starcraft 2? Today? Right now? Visit: SC2 Economy GuideStarcraft 2 Economy Guide - What You Need To Know To Build Up The Strongest Economy In SC2 By: John Owen Mcneal About...more
The Economy May Be Bad…But What (Or Who) Is Really Sinking Your Team? I had a fascinating and eye opening experience this last week. A vendor we've been working with, who is wonderful and has always been eager to be helpful…was not her normal self.  I'll spare you the details, except to say that here's what I noticed: her energy was off, she was...more
ECONOMY AND CORRUPTION RAHUL GANDHI : Massive expansion of education system is an important weapon, massive expansion of health system is another. Universal ID is also the weapon. Everything what we do is all designed to bring opportunity to India that does not have that opportunity. Because, we fundamentally believe that...more
Economy of Denver Every city needs to have good sound economy to survive otherwise the city is deserted and abandoned. The attractive factor for people and business in a city is the economy. The more stable the economy will be more people will come here and more will be the city more developed and known by the world....more
Have Fun With The Economy Quarters Along With Carriage To Enjoy One Of The Pleasant St Louis Vacatio St. Louis Vacations- The Beautiful Jefferson National Expansion MemorialThe one thing that should be present on your list of things to do while vacationing in St. Louis is visiting the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park. It is no surprise that more than four million visitors go to the...more
Acrylic Awards In Today's Economy While there are other awards and gifts that can be given, acrylic awards are versatile and can be made a formal or informal as you wish depending upon the occasion and the recipient.  While crystal awards and gifts are generally thought of as the most elegant and formal, much the same "feel" can be...more
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