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Here Is An Introduction About The Low-carbon Economy

Low-carbon means less greenhouse gases emissions, especially the carbon dioxide. Low-carbon economy is an economic model based on the low power consumption, low pollution and low-emission. It is another major progress for human society after the agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. The essence of Low-carbon economy is to use energy efficiently, exploit clean energy and pursuit of green GDP, the core of it is the energy...more

Interest Rates and the World Economy

There is no effective way to measure the source of funds as well as the amount of funds each bank and lending institutions have. This would mean facing difficulty in making estimates as to the credit facilities and funds that they have available for lending to business enterprises and individuals. This could have help set the overnight benchmark interest rates. As the Federal Reserve gradually lower interest rates, it also slowly depletes its...more

How Bad Is The Economy?

I am sure you know someone, family or friends who has lost a job or who is looking for work.You think "Are things going to get better?" "How long is it going to take for the economy to turn around?"You are probably asking yourself:How safe is my job? For how long?What can I do to increase my prospects?Should I go back to school?Should I get a second job?Should I get a better job?Is there something I can do to ensure I can provide for my family?Do I just want to be another statistic?Do I want to make a change so I don't have to panic about losing a job and facing few prospects?If you don't want to be just another number on the evening news, there is a way to change it.I didn't wish to be another statistic. I wanted to do something about it. I needed to make a a change so I would not have to panic about losing a job and having no prospects.So what did I do?  I took action and now I am on an amazing journey to financial independence.If you are worried about the future, you are not alone.  There are millions of people just like you and me who are also thinking about the future and what lies ahead.  There are many people, however just like me, that decided to change...more

5 Must Splurges Despite A Recovering Economy

So, the economy is beginning to look hopeful. That's good news. But for those of us who felt the impact of the recent recession, there will most likely still be a lot of penny squeezing happening for a while longer until things really get turned around.It is good for us to be holding strong to a strict budget, at least for a while; however,...more

The great potential of Nigeria to boost up the world economy

The oil-rich Nigerian economy keeps on enhancing the financial management structure of not only Africa but also playing major role in augmenting the global economy system. Being the largest oil producer in Africa, it is getting almost 90% of the export revenues of country and has strengthened its financial system for many and many years. This major...more

Dayton Hard Hit By The Economy


The Economy Right Now - What You Need to Know & Do to Thrive

Many people underestimate the power of small things adding up, and this is a crucial part of success! So whenever the though passes through your mind that this is such a tiny detail that it "doesn't matter", just remember the end goal, when all...more

In Today's Economy, YOU Need to be Better to Compete!

Is it just me, or does every product and service provider have a solution that offers the cure and magic pill for your personal situation or your business problems? Feeling depressed? Try this therapy. Dealing with stress? Take this drug. Business...more

Setting Priorities When It Comes to Paying Bills in a Tough Economy

What people need to shift is their mindset from "I don't want to ruin my credit" to "I just need to survive". The truth is that you should have little or no debt to begin with, paying things in full should start to be in your personal finances...more

Is The Economy Really Getting Any Better?

Regardless of what the television says, always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Doing this will ensure peace of mind in the long run and you will never have to worry about not being able to pay your bills. Having the necessities and...more

Why Some People in This Economy Are Doing Better Than Others

The top priority for anyone of any income is to have money saved! This is the only way to fend yourself against a lost of income or other emergency. This is not the time to try to impress other with shiny things, it's the time to get your family...more

Economy Up! Consumerism...down?

Although you can find conflicting reports, the general consensus among analysts is that the economy is rebounding. If the economic condition of our nation truly is improving, albeit at a lackluster pace, one could assume that consumer spending would...more
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