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Why Does Mining Machinery Help National Economy

As a pillar industry in China's economic construction and social development, the mining machinery industry, especially hammer crusher or sand maker, occupies an increasingly important position; In the mining, energy, transportation, construction and industrial raw materials industry, mining machinery crusher equipment—as construction mining equipment and raw materials of deep-processing equipment--provides a lot of basic industrial...more

British Economy Is Not Going To Win Gold At Our Olympics

Prospects of the rocketing increase of the countrys economy are downgraded as the inevitable feel good factor from the Olympics fails to bring in the initial expected investment. A somewhat influx of foreign tourists, a craze of consumer spending, and a nationwide feel good factor as athlete after athlete from team GB steps up to the podium to collect that illusive gold medal was how our government envisioned the impact of the Olympic Games to...more

The American Cash Machine: Legislation To Fuel Recidivism Economy

American prisons hold one out of every four prisoners in the entire world, according to Roy Walmsley of the International Centre for Prison Studies -- and only has one of every 20 people on Earth. Douglas B. Weiss of the University of Maryland, and Doris L. MacKenzie of Pennsylvania State University agree that rising crime did not cause this. "The more than 2.3 million people incarcerated in this nation," they write, "largely reflect policy choices that have been made at all levels of government in the United States." Loic Waquant, an international prisons expert, specifies American incarceration as responsive " not to criminal insecurity but to the social insecurity." Waquant cites that in 1975 the U.S. imprisoned 21 people per 10,000 crimes, and by 2005 imprisoned 125 people per 10,000 crimes. "This means that the country has become six times more punitive." Beginning in 1979 private contracting for prisons became a growth industry. Corrections Corp. of America alone carries contracts in 19 states. It had 87,000 beds in 2010, when Hawaii audited its prisons. For those who wonder how private enterprise can operate prisons more effectively for profit than a government can without...more

How Cheap Air Tickets Benefit Economy Of A Country?

There is always a speculation on how much cheaper can air fares become. But, the cheaper they get, the better it is for the economy. Generally, the air travel is undertaken by the business travelers and the leisure travelers. In both these cases, the cheap air tickets signal and play a pivotal role in the economic growth. For one, the existence of...more

The Muscle Economy Of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is something which you may learn about in yoga or from your trainer, but is used as a tool, rather than given the full respect of a separate science. Interestingly enough, for all of the exercise enthusiasts out there who enjoy doing aerobics and riding your bicycles to work, deep breathing is the difference between weight lifting...more

Using High Tech Public Relations To Navigate A Tricky Economy.

It's almost impossible to count how many ways technology has benefitted society in the last decade, let alone in the last five. The average person has become forced to adapt to all of the different ways to absorb content and communicate and high tech public relations has had to make sure that they can coherently reach people with their client's message. In the past, television and radio and print journalism were kings and that made things quite easier for the average PR firm. Not today, now those media are still important, but their impact has lessened and reaching people through the internet has become by far the most important way of doing business. Each passing year, we become more connected than ever which has many pros and cons for high tech public relations firms. For an average PR firm it feels like racing through quicksand. Just as they had been able to work through the web, a rise in smartphones and tablets has made it critical to deliver client messages across several different screens in appropriate ways. And upon doing that, now there are a multitude of social media platform that connect many people but can also isolate individuals from a mainstream message...more

Greek Economy Facing Downfall As Country Faces Important Bond Auction

The economy of Greece has plunged in more deeper into the problem of recession according to the official figures, which has now raised tension over the sum of money which is 3.1 billion Euros that equals to 2.4 pounds, that Athens needs to raise on...more

How To Save Money In This Economy

You are interested in learning more about personal finance. With so much information available on the Internet, it is hard to narrow down what is legitimate and what is trash. In this article we will provide you with high quality tips and tricks that...more

Uks Torpid Economy May Flourish Its Rental Market

Recent reports from Resolution Foundation and Shelter from Cambridge University notices serious implications that could been seen in the UKs housing/property market given the economic indicators such as low economic growth, credit crunch, lower level...more

If Economy Sneezes, Dont Presume Its Epidemic.

Simply speaking, economy behaves like a human body. Like us, it is generally healthy, but occasionally falls sick. When healthy, all its vital parameters behave normally. But when visited by some disease, it looks down and out even though the ailment...more

The European Economy Is Hovering At The Bottom, The British Economy Close Zero Growth

The recently released data show that the European economy is still hovering at the bottom: the British economy this year may be zero growth, the Italian economy has continued to decline.Bank of England expects the UK economy to near-zero growth this...more

Despite The Economy Downfall Greece Etf Still Alluring Investors

The present economic emergency in Greece is making headlines all over the world. Due to the economic crisis, almost one quarter of the Greek business has experienced a downfall since 2009. In Greece, population under the age of 25 is facing an...more
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