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Electrical Testing And Tagging Essential For Safety At Workplace Or Home

Electrical testing and tagging of electrical appliances and equipments ensure that all devices are in good condition and can be safely used

. Portable appliance testing and RCD testing also come in category of testing methods. To provide safety of workers at a workplace all the electrical equipments should be tested at regular intervals. After the equipments or appliances are tested, they are passed with a tag which contains all the information about the results of the testing.

All electrical appliances at any point of time can deteriorate or can develop a fault during its working life. This can pose a threat to persons life if any of the appliances is unchecked or its fault is overlooked. Electrical appliances such as heaters, extension cords, battery chargers, photocopiers, TV, portable RCDs, etc. are some examples of electrical appliances, which require electrical testing and tagging.

Portable appliance testing and RCD testing are two types of electrical testing. To recognize that whether any particular electrical appliance is tested or not, you can look for electrical tag, which will give you details about the results of the testing. This testing and tagging not only protect workers lives against malfunctioning tools but also proves good for safety of the business.

Portable appliance testing involves safety testing of various portable equipments such as microwave ovens, fridge, computers, washing machines, etc. This testing ensures that all the portable electrical appliances can be operated safely and does not possess any threat to persons life.

The main objective of this testing is to identify any potential electrical shocks, fire hazards, earthing problems and potential overloading issues. Each of the portable electrical appliances which are tested is given passed label. This label is signed and dated by the PAT engineer.

RCD is basically a safety device designed to disconnect a circuit on detecting an imbalance in the flow of electric current. RCD testing is undertaken to test an RCD device which is extremely sensitive. When this device detects an imbalance in electrical flow, it disconnects the power within 10 to 15 milliseconds. In this way, it is very helpful in preventing electrocution and fire.

It is advised that at least two RCDs should be installed in your meter box or distribution board. Testing of this device is also essential at periodic intervals. To learn more about electrical testing and tagging, RCD testing and portable appliance testing, you can take help of various websites and portals that will provide you with valuable information.

by:Tony Cipriani
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Electrical Testing And Tagging Essential For Safety At Workplace Or Home Karachi