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New Facial Recognition Software to Photo Tagging-Facebook

New Facial Recognition Software to Photo Tagging-Facebook        In a blog post Wednesday afternoon, Facebook engineer Justin Mitchell announced a product update to be introduced over the next few weeks, centered on photos uploaded to the site.The update, ‘tag suggestions', is fairly straightforward; when a user uploads a new photo to their account, Facebook will begin to use facial recognition software to...more

2d Face Recognition System Vs 3d Face Recognition System

Biometric face recognition system is considered the most efficient technology in biometrics. Fingerprint devices stand the risk of duplication and easy hacking. Besides, it may deny access if the fingers are wet or dirty. Iris recognition devices are too interfering. It exposes the diseases and other physical ailments which one may not wish to reveal. Voice recognition devices can fail to deliver results in some conditions, especially when the...more

Face Recognition System: Different Methods Of Face Recognition

Face recognition system is gaining wide acceptance in security industry. Companies, firms, hospitals, schools and colleges, defense, and high-profile government offices make use of biometric face recognition appliance daily. It promises hassle-free operation, higher accuracy, and better safety as compared to the conventional security solutions. You need not worry about the security of your premises, if you have a face recognition system installed. You can also combine the biometric face recognition technology with different type of software to carry out specific tasks.The system uses unique and unalterable facial features to recognize faces. Distance between the two eyes, eyes and nose, shape of cheek bones and other features remain the same throughout their lives. The entire face is measured and analyzed. A typical face recognition system has many face templates stored in its database. Whenever a person approaches the biometric face recognition application, the live face is compared with the faces in the database. Only if the face is recognized, the person is granted access to the premises. Accuracy in face detection depends on the algorithm used by the face recognition...more

Build Your Brand Recognition With Facebook Advertising Campaign

With the growing dominance of social networking in lives of people, it has emerged as an attractive advertising platform for businesses. Social networking has power to spread your promotional message to the masses within least possible time. In the recent years many social networking sites have been emerged, but Facebook presently has attained most...more

Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System: Structure of It

Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System: Structure of It                One may consider buying a biometric access control to keep the premises secured. It is an efficient replacement to the conventional lock and key. No unauthorized individual can enter the area. A face...more

Face Recognition System Multipurpose System For Your Premises

In this time, identification of a person is very important for security your data and other personal details. There are different systems are in the market to identify a person. Face recognition is one of the popular and most favorite systems to get perfect identification for security of data. It is a fastest, most convenient method to secure your premises from any threats. It automates the authentication of the person without requiring any input by the person or notifying the person which is being authenticated without disturbing the privacy of specific person.Application of face recognition technology is being used widely in Time Attendance Software, visitor management system or personal pc security. The key idea is to recognize or authenticate the face of the person and storing and maintaining the track of the authorized person. Bigger companies where there is large no. of employees or have large no. of visitors on daily base, integration of face recognition technology with employee or visitor management system makes the entire process smoother and quicker and gives you full freedom of managing the entries in register manually along with providing good security. Face recognition...more

Why you need face recognition and Digital signage systems

Why you need face recognition and Digital signage systems                 You can make use of sophisticated digital signage system to make your marketing and advertising message visually...more

Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System and Live Face Detection

A biometric access control system is a hi-tech security tool. Its popularity is owing to the mechanized protection it offers in the premises. It may lose its essence if it is prone to easy hoax. A face recognition access control system built on the...more

Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System And Live Face Detection

Biometric access control system may not remain advantageous if it is not reliable. Hackers may easily break into the premises by spoofing the face recognition access control system. Researches show that a weak biometric access control can be fooled...more

Promote Your Business Recognition With Facebook Likes

It is a common sense that if two websites promoting the same business idea, the one which is promoted more on social networking sites like Facebook progress more as compared to the other one. It would not be wrong to say that the number of Facebook...more

Better Security Using Face Recognition System

All above stated application follows algorithm for recognizing the faces and can be used in both professional and in personal life. The features stated above makes it more effective to provide security at work place and at you residence.Better...more

Ultimate solution of security is Face Recognition Security System

Ultimate solution of security is Face Recognition Security System                It is not just necessity but it is must requirement. It doesn't need to say that what I am talking...more
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