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Familiarize With Your Fire Safety Plan To Evacuate Safely

A well-designed fire safety plan is very important in order to handle emergency situations safely and effectively

. If you are prepared in every unexpected circumstance like fire, you will most likely control and prevent it from occurring.

For your homes fire safety plan, create it with your family so that everyone has participation and everybody will be aware of the plan.

Decide the escape route as a family. In every room, there should be two exit routes. Drawing the escape plan and posting it on every occupied room will be very useful. Include the emergency telephone numbers that you can call in case of fire on the plan.

Teach your kids how to escape and how to climb out the windows. Show them how to crawl under smoke and how to cover their noses and mouths to avoid too much smoke inhalation. You can also teach them how to extinguish a fire using fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

Designate older member of the family to assists very old or very young family members in the occurrence of fire. Let your children hear your homes fire alarm and be familiar with it so that they already know what to do when they here that alarm instead of hiding inside their closet because of fear.

Practice your fire safety plan at least once a year or every six months. Decide on the gathering spot where your family will meet after every drill. One person can go for help if two people have already reached the meeting spot.

Having fire protection devices is a great help to detect fire at its early stage. Installing smoke detectors and fire sprinklers at home help lower risk of death and property damage for up to 80%. Obtaining the right fire extinguisher can also help control and extinguish the fire before it gets unmanageable.

Normally, fire extinguishers contain an agent to remove one or more of the elements that cause fire, commonly known as the fire triangle. Fuel, heat, and oxygen are the three sides of the fire triangle. The agent contained in fire extinguishers cools the fuel and serves as a barrier between the fuel and oxygen supply in the air.

In order to produce fire, four things must be present at the same time, namely enough oxygen, enough heat, fuel or combustible materials, and chemical reaction. When you take away one of these in the fire triangle, fire will be extinguished. This is what fire extinguishers are doing. It removes one or more elements in the fire triangle.

You must choose the best extinguisher that will match the cause of flame. Not all classes of flames can be extinguished by the same type of extinguisher. A Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher has multi-purpose use and is commonly used in our homes. They can handle three classes of fires, combustible solid fires, combustible liquid fires, and electrical fires. The dry chemical extinguisher sprays powder of potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or mono-ammonium phosphate that coats the fuel with and inert solid to smother the fire. Misuse of extinguishers will only worsen the situation so be careful!

by:Frances Phillips
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Familiarize With Your Fire Safety Plan To Evacuate Safely