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Best Ionic Air Purifiers, Pocket Positive and Negative ion generator

Positive Ion/Negative Ion Air PurifierSpecification:input: DC5V, allowable range DC4.8-DC5.2VService Temperature: -30C ~ +65C (Humidity 0~95%)Storage temperature: -30C ~ +80C (Humidity 0~95%)Using Method:Connect the positive and negative ion generator with Type-C cable to supply 5V voltage.Product Weight: 150gDimension: 72*62*25mmOutput time: 200~300 secondOutput Ion amount-ions: 300 x10^4+ions: 300 x10^4Selling packing containsone pcs Type-C...more

Beauty Salon Air Purifier----4 Essential Filters It Should Have

With all of the services offered for hair and body in the salon these days, the air quality can take a real nose dive. As a result clients can sometimes need gas masks, and stylists often wish they had one. A salon air purifier is the answer to keeping the air clean, and here are 4 essential filters your cleaner should have.Carbon-based---Carbon filters are well known for their ability to absorb gaseous pollutants such as gases, odors, and...more

Portable Bird Air Purifier---5 Features That It Needs To Have

Birds don't stay still so an air purifier designed with them in mind should be just as portable when the need arises. Here are 5 features a cleaner needs to have that will make it the ultimate in portability.Self-Contained--- A cleaner that can be easily moved across the room, through the house or across the country needs to contain everything inside that it needs rather having to be accompanied by various filters, sprays, chargers, cleaners and other paraphernalia.Frequent filter changes and other maintenance requirements will dictate that a lot of other stuff will need to follow you and the cleaner wherever you go. It's no fun to have a high maintenance cleaner when all you want to do is spend time with your bird.Opt for a cleaner that has a long filter life and needs very little in terms of maintenance other than occasional vacuuming of the outside. This means your cleaner is easily moved and literally doesn't have a lot of baggage that needs to come with it.Sturdy Casters---Whoever invented wheels did us all a huge favor, and putting them on an air cleaner is nothing short of genius. Rather than lifting or having to have someone to lift it for you, casters that...more

Body Guard Water Purifier Uses Waikiki Purifier Highlyenergized Water System

Water is considered as the universal solvent. It is one of the most important commodities for humans. Given that, water must always be in good quality, and most importantly, safe to use and drink for you and your family.Early methods of water filtration include boiling, filtering with the use of charcoal and treating it with chemicals such as alum....more

Different Types Of Air Purifiers And Air Purifier Filters

There are many different types of air purifiers, and they all use different air purifier filters. An air purifier is a device that keeps the air clean by removing its contaminants. It is commonly marketed to asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and smokers. It can eliminate or reduce second-hand tobacco smoke. It is available in small stand-alone units...more

Important Reasons For Buying An Austin Air Purifier

To improve the indoor air quality and to make sure your family is breathing safe and clean air there are numerous options to choose from. There are a wide range of air purifiers available in the market but fail to provide the appropriate results. Many homeowners prefer investing in Austin air purifiers, as they are one of the best Austin air products. If you want to buy air purifier having HEPA filters, then what could be better than purchasing an Austin air purifier? Now, you can make your house a healthy place to stay by purchasing an Austin air purifier.Why Invest in Austin Air Purifier?Individuals who have not purchased an Austin air purifier earlier may find it confusing with the numerous types of Austin air purifiers and cleaners available at various online stores. The important factors to consider when looking for an air purifier or cleaner are to consider the features and the design of the air purifier you want to purchase. You should purchase an Austin air purifier because it removes the harmful contaminants present indoors using HEPA filters, as Austin air purifier have been tried, tested, and provide appropriate results. The major reasons for purchasing an Austin air...more

The Benefits Of A Water Purifier

These days more and more people are growing increasingly worried about the purity of their drinking water. It's easy to see why reports seem to be coming out every other day detailing the many dangerous metals that are being found in tap water...more

Pet Allergies Air Purifier---5 Features An Effective Cleaner Should Have

If you suffer from allergies that are triggered by your pet, you are really in a tough spot. Using the right air purifier to help you clear the air can help you manage your allergies and keep your pet too. To insure you choose one that is effective,...more

Best Bird Air Purifiers----5 Features That Make Them Effective

A bird in captivity needs an air purifier to filter the air if it is to remain healthy. The best air purifier should have the following 5 features. They will insure that it is both safe and effective for you and your bird.Oxygen As The Only...more

Nail Salon Air Purifiers---5 Best Features To Have

Nail salon air can not only smell bad but become unhealthy pretty quickly. Using an air purifier to keep your staff and clients healthy is a must. Here are the 5 best features your cleaner will need to have to work well.Carbon Filter For...more

Best Bird Air Purifiers---5 Features That Make Them Stand Out From The Others

Pet birds needs clean air to stay healthy. And in captivity they count on their owners to provide it. The right air purifier can continually keep the air clear. Here are 5 features that the best air purifier for the job should have.Oxygen As The Only...more

Portable Bird Air Purifier---5 Features That It Needs To Have

Birds don't stay still so an air purifier designed with them in mind should be just as portable when the need arises. Here are 5 features a cleaner needs to have that will make it the ultimate in portability.Self-Contained--- A cleaner that can...more
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