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Fitness Training Myths For Women

Fitness Training Myths For Women

If I had a dime every time I heard a woman say she didnt want her fitness routine

to incorporate heavy weights over fear of bulking up, Id be a very rich man! Needless to say, they keep hitting those cardio machines hoping to change their bodies, unaware that it is not going to get them the results they desire. Sure it might shrink their waistlines, but if your goal is to change the shape of your body, you need to lift weights regularly. One of the main reasons why women cant (naturally) bulk up like men is because they dont produce testosterone.

Another myth, weight training will increase your breast size. Unfortunately ladies, it wont! The only way to do that is to gain weight (fat) or have breast surgery. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt weight train your chest, it will help to tone up the muscles around your breast, an area that women often complain to me about.

A third myth, weight training will make your body stiff. Quite the opposite! Exercises like deadlifts and chin-up can only help your flexibility.

A fourth myth, if you stop weight training, the muscle you build will turn into fat. Not true. Muscles and fat are too separate tissues. If this feels like its happening to you (or someone you know) keep in mind that when you stop weight training, you generally lose focus on your diet and start gaining fat. This is also works the other way around, when youre weight training you are not turning fat into muscle. Youre losing fat and increasing your muscle.

Fifth myth, weight training allows you to eat whatever you want. Wow, do I ever wish this one was true! Granted, it does come down to burning more calories than you consume daily, to lose fat. SO if you are training 2-3 hours a day, you can probably consume more foods than most people and not gain weight.

More and more women are using weights regularly when it comes to creating their fitness training programs. Its important to not only do cardio but also lift weights on a regularly basis. Combining this with a healthy diet and supplements will definitely get you in the best shape youve ever been in, IF you are consistent!

If youve never had a proper fitness training program, I highly recommend you hire a personal trainer or buy fitness workouts online that breaks down the exercises in detail.

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Fitness Training Myths For Women