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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Back With One Of These Special Strategies

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Back With One Of These Special Strategies

If you really want him back, you're facing almost impossible odds if he/she did the dumping

. You up your chances for success, though, by playing it cool and not acting needy. If, though, you broke her/his heart, it will be easier to get him/her back--but recall, you may likely hurt him/her all over again and you don't want that.

Acknowledge the role you played in the problems that led to the breakup. If your ex-boyfriend tells you that he would like to get back together with you but he's worried about your immaturity or selfishness, mention that you were too immature and selfish at the time, but you've been trying to improve in these areas, and that you're sorry for your actions toward him.

Give Him Space

Giving your ex space may be the most important approach to win back an ex. For some reason or another he decided that the relationship was not working, so don't push him. Most men do not like to be pushed into a corner, stalked or constantly harassed by girlfriends, especially ex-girlfriends. Stepping back and giving him space, room to breathe, may help win a man back.

Do not be clingy.

Your first impulse will be to call him constantly, or try and see him. Try not to. This will push him away as well. You could be a mess behind closed doors, by all means, talk with family and girlfriends and share your pain. Break up can become a hurt like no other, and sometimes getting through each day seems impossible. Take things one minute, one hour at a time.

Show him you are okay without him. Being happy, healthy and socially active is just about the most effective things you can actually do to get your ex thinking about you again. When you show an ex you're fine without him, he starts to see you the way he did when you first started dating. If you don't share the identical social circle, find an excuse to cross his path and show him how great you are doing.

Be yourself. Allow the goofy, charming side of you to showcase your efforts. Chances are, you could have been viewed as an insensitive jerk at some point. Smile, be joyful and get the chip off your shoulder, if you really care about her. Show her that you're not afraid of being the real you around her and that you are capable of inner growth. Go out on a limb and make a fool of yourself at her job in that special way that shows her you're just a silly boy after her heart.

Send her cute cards with little notes that state how much you miss her. Don't apply pressure. Just ask how she is doing.

Be Single

If you want to get your girlfriend back, keep away from spending excess time with other potential girlfriends or ex-girlfriends. The news will get back to the girlfriend you want to keep, and she'll assume you moved on. As a substitute, be a single guy for a while to show her that your relationship with her means something to you, and it's not something you forget quickly. If you do go on a date with another girl, don't let the relationship become physical or long term.

Every girl likes to be pampered and feel she is special! The best way to accomplish this goal is to consistently remember certain dates, such as her birthday for example. Let her know she is significant and you care for her.

During this time of going on together with your life while your ex wonders how you are doing it, is a good time to start a new hobby or activity that you could not have done before. Go out with friends and enjoy yourself. Making yourself scarce not only keeps you busy but also reduces the temptation to get into contact with your ex.


Aquarians are great communicators. They are also ruled by logic and reason. Because of this, be open in your communication with them. Rather than gifts of flowers or sentimental poetry be honest and forthright and put your case logically and dispassionately on why your Aquarian lover should take you back. They will respect you for your open communication.

If you really want to win back lost love and save your relationship, you need to be sincere about the things you want to happen. Deception is not an option here. After all your hard work, this is where it all boils down to.

Whether your ex wants to get back together or not is out of your hands. You've definitely changed for the better, but the mind cannot push for what the heart doesn't want.

If your ex really doesn't want to give your relationship another try, it's time that you let go and move on to greener pastures. There are, after all, plenty of fish in the sea; and with your new outlook on life, I assurance that you won't have any trouble reeling them in. Lost love or not, you hold your happiness in your hands.

Getting your ex back does take considerable effort on your path. But while there's never a certainty of success, know that whatever you have done to get your act together will definitely come in handy in the long run.

Having more confidence in yourself... Knowing how to make yourself look presentable... Acknowledging your emotions... By accomplishing all these things, you're turning your whole life around. Winning back lost love is just a bonus. Getting your life back is what's really at stake here.

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