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Helping Your Child Battle Cancer

A mother will do anything she can to protect her children

. We keep them away from sick people and make sure they are warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. Motherhood is a delightful challenge that we win sometimes and lose sometimes. It is a job loaded with responsibility, love and anguish.

When our children are injured or scared, nine times out of ten, the first person they want to make them feel better is mommy. Usually a tight squeeze and a kiss on the injury can make it all better. Sometimes however we find that there are things our hugs and kisses are not able to cure.

We read about kids contracting cancer more often these days. It seems like daily another child and another pair of parents are discovering that their lives are about to change forever. Cancer treatment will usually consist of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. All of these treatments are very hard for a child to bear and it can be equally hard on the parents, who must stand by and watch helplessly. As parents we are accustomed to being on top of our children's wants and needs, and able to make any problem go away with a little TLC. This doesn't work with cancer and we are unable to do anything about our precious child's suffering.

Fortunately there are doctors working around the clock to find new ways to cure cancer. A tremendous amount of money is being sent from all over the world so doctors and researchers can devote all their time and energy into finding new ways to make a difference in the treatment of cancer. Thankfully there have been huge medical advances in the last several years.

We see it about once a year that big corporations like Wal-Mart or Safeway ask all their customers if they would like to donate a dollar or more for cancer research. Many people gladly give an extra dollar to support these hospitals and research centers. Often times though we hear the person checking out in front of us say "No thanks," or "Not today." While we all have to make sure we can support our own families before helping support others, we should always try to give when we are able. If everyone in America gave just one dollar, it would make a tremendous difference in cancer research.

The last thing we as parents think about is our child who appears ill will be diagnosed with cancer. Since there is no cancer in our family history, we needn't worry unnecessarily about our children contracting the disease. No parent expects that the culprit behind their child's illness is cancer. Those parents who have heard the dreaded diagnosis find their world thrown into utter turmoil and become zealous advocates of furthering cancer research in any way that they can.

No matter who we are, there is unanimous agreement that no innocent child deserves to suffer, especially from a disease as painful and stressful as cancer. Fortunately, millions of dollars are contributed to cancer research every year. Unfortunately, there exist many rare forms of the disease that have no cure at all and the outlook remains grim. In the case of the cancers where treatments are available, the patient is considered to be cured if the remission lasts five years. Five years in a child's life is forever.

As parents, the thing that we want most for our children is for them to live long and happy lives. While we cannot kiss their boo boos to make it all better, we can donate to cancer research in the hopes that one day doctors will be able to discover a permanent cure for cancer because every kid deserves the chance to live their live to the fullest.

by: Sy Schlager
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Helping Your Child Battle Cancer