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How To Apply For Tax Debt Relief

Even with the best of intentions, you may sometimes be unable to file your taxes on time or pay your balance in full

. If you fail to pay your tax debts, the Internal Revenue Service will add late fees and interest. With the current state of the economy, many people with delinquent taxes are simply unable to afford the bill. However, if you find yourself in this situation, you can apply for tax debt relief.

The IRS may be willing to offer you tax debt relief through four different arrangements: a tax relief settlement, penalty abatement, offer in compromise or payment plan. A tax relief settlement involves settling your debt for only a percentage of the total amount you owe. The IRS offers this to delinquent taxpayers based on their personal budgets, assets, and age.

You may qualify for penalty abatement, which releases you from the obligation to pay interest and fees, if you can show that extenuating circumstances caused your delinquency. Taxpayers who cant cover all of their debt in one installment may qualify for a payment plan. Finally, some taxpayers may qualify for a offer in compromise, which is a one-time offer to settle all tax debt for a much less than what is owed.

To apply for tax debt relief, you must negotiate with representatives of the IRS. However, you have a much higher chance of success if you incorporate the assistance of a professional advocate, such as CreditNowUSA. CreditNowUSA will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf in order to arrange a payment plan, balance reduction, or tax forgiveness. Because the experts at CreditNowUSA have experience in this field, working with them greatly improves your chance for a positive outcome.

If you owe delinquent taxes to the IRS and you are ready to take matters into your own hands, contact CreditNowUSA today to learn more. Simply visit, complete the simple online application, and you will receive a free consultation from one of CreditNowUSAs resident experts. CreditNowUSA may be able to help you with problems caused by unfiled tax returns, late filings, and unpaid taxes.

For more information, go to Tax Debt Relief at

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