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How To Find A Trustworthy Wholesale Body Jewelry Shop?

Piercing the body and wearing body piercing jewelry is a sensitive habit

, and for that you need to find a wholesale body jewelry shop that you can trust with quality.

A Wholesale Body Jewelry Shop should have certain basic qualities and trust factors to be able to win the confidence of the customers with its policies. As a customer, what you would want first would be quality. As a piercing jewelry remains directly attached to your body, and in most case through raw flesh or skin, it is essential for the jewelry material to be made of good quality material. The next thing that matters is the delivery process, for this is how you will get your orders. If the delivery process is slow or unreliable, the whole experience might become a mess, and you might as well lose confidence from online shopping.

As for the metals or materials of the body piercing jewelry, make sure that you do not buy anything that is made in nickel, for it is a highly harmful metal as far as body jewelry is concerned. The reliable metals are usually gold, silver, titanium, platinum. Other than these, there are variations of materials, like wood, stone, anodized jewelry in black or gold. Anodizing means to put thick layers of the anodizing metal over the base metal, this gives not just a sophisticated look but also makes the polish stay for a long time.

The types of wholesale body jewelry shop that give you the options among a large variety of jewelry are the ones that are usually trustworthy, for you know that these shops are doing a large scale business and they must have a good reputation to be able to cater to a good amount of customers. When you find a shop online that has a very small amount of collection in all the groups, there are chances that the store is not as popular as you would want a good wholesale body jewelry shop to be.

However, any shop that has too many products than you can handle, there would be equal problems, for then the management of these products becomes a doubtful question. It always best to walk the middle path, and so, even in this matter of buying various piercing jewelry like tongue rings, belly button rings, labret jewelry and such, it is a better option to choose a wholesale body jewelry shop that has not too many items, and also not just too less.

The delivery option should be read well before you purchase anything from anywhere, for that matter. The delivery should be quick, as assured by the online shop. With the popularizing of online shopping, the delivery or mail system has become more popular than the days when we used to visit shops to choose and buy. With online shopping sites, the delivery is a big issue. With that, the images on the online shopping site should be clear enough, even if not zoom-able or too big, to give you a fair opportunity to choose the product by viewing the color and design properly.

A wholesale body jewelry shop should be chosen after keeping these little but important details in mind.


Madonna piercing is also called the Monroe piercing, named after the beauty mole of these gorgeous ladies. This piercing is done above the upper lip, on a corner. The trusted body piercing jewelry shops like BodyJewelryRing.Com have all these piercing jewelry types.


The Medusa piercing is done just on the middle above of the upper lip, and is named after the mythical figure Medusa.

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How To Find A Trustworthy Wholesale Body Jewelry Shop?