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In Afikim- Safety Does Not Walk Alone

Since the first days of its existence, all through the years- 'Afikim Electric

Vehicle & Mobility scooters , with best expert engineers, inventors and the developer people - works for the safety and comfort of her clients.

The Mobility scooters have been known for years as an excellent ''moving around'' solution for the ''golden age'' people.

Using a mobility scooter gives the elders the ability to keep their mobility, with no need for a driving license, and to enjoy a great deal of improving the self secure and good mood.

And yet, at the same time we should remember that such a vehicle, that can go up to 12 kilometer an hour, can be exposed to some dangers that the eldest walker, is not aware of. This significant issue has taken the people of Afikim Mobility scooters - the leading company in the worlds in developing, manufacturing, producing and marketing Mobility scooters - to mark the word safety on its wall and to keep it as a "Sign On its Flag".

"For us, keeping the security of our clients starts with observing all the threat and warning they are, understanding all the meanings, and find and create the right solutions and answer for them", sais Shachar Hillel, Marketing Manager of "Afikim Electric Vehicle & Mobility scooters ".

"We incessantly working to make sure that our Mobility scooters are the most secure and effective they can be" Hillel says. "We do that with a very fine and advanced form of three aspects: the technology aspect, the operative aspect and the educational one.

The technology aspect:

This activity expressed by developing mobility scooters with very advanced security system as automatic emergency breaks, 'anti panic' mechanic system that can recognize and identify unusual moves and stop them; Anti tip system to avoid a turning over; stiff and inflexible chassis; newest controlling system etc'.

Operative aspect:

As a leading technology company, Afikimprovides her clients the safest tools in the world but the lack of driving education, driving instruction and advice, and the lack of awareness to the limitation of the scooter, might expose them to different dangers on the road. The people of the guide department in Afikim taking care of all those issues and train the clients for correct and safer drive.

Educational aspect:

Teaching and guiding activities that intended for the Mobility scoters users to be able to enjoy a safer, forgiving, and nicer transporting environment, all though by raising the a weariness to the present of the Mobility scooter on the road, mostly to the other users and drivers as bus, trucks and privet drivers.

"According to the experience we have gathered and collected, and according to researches that were done in Israel and abroad", Shachar says, "we learned that most accidents involving scooters could be avoided.

As for, according to very deep obligation to our clients - 'Afikim Electric Vehicle'operate a great deal of seminars and guiding days all over Israel, either to the public sector as well as to the privet one.

The seminars appointed to the Mobility scooters users, cooperated with local municipalities (cities, kibbutzim, comities, etc,).

Through the seminars, Afikim's sales men and operative people meet the Mobility scooters users, check the safety rules for free, and sometimes involve some professional lecture and guiding teaching for payment- which are approved and subsidized by the Israel ministry of transport and road safety.

Afikim Electric Vehicle, with other organizations, has also wrote and organized a guiding plan, which teaches correct driving, renewing the Mobility scooters rules and regulations, and learning the limits of the old drivers and walkers.

The plan authorized and improved by the Israel ministry of transport and road safety, and subsidized by it.

Among companies and organizations Afikim is cooperating with, "Netivim" and "Egged" transport company.

'Netivim" Company, under the management of Sharon Post Ratzabi, is specializing with several of safety subjects for the "golden age People", include references of safety driving in scooter.

The public transport company "Egged" is holding a whole net of academies and school for the transporting professions and fields. Those started as schools for bus drivers. Few years ago leaders of "Egged" decided to use the knowledge they have accomplished in the transport field and to act, work, operate and do as much as possible toraise and increase awareness for safe and carful drive and roads.

Eliyahu, 74 years old, lives in the north, has used a Mobility scooter for 2 years now. He has joined some of the training seminars by Afikim Electric Vehicle, and he say: "When I moved to a Mobility scooter, after 55 years of driving a car, it was clear as water to me, that no one can teach me anything about driving. Although, using the Mobility scooter was easy and commutable and gave me a mobility which had no price. But very quickly I have learned that driving a scooter has its own rules. When I completed the full rich guide I took from 'Afikim's' I became so much more aware of the happening on the roads, started to wear a shinny jacket during day and night as well, and I precise doing my hearing and watching check up every year".

"Once in a while" Shachar says, "We receive a phone call or a letter from a client who tell us how all that knowledge he got from our seminars, avoid him damage and sorrow. Each feedback like that gives us so much increment and keeps us going, to continue with these activities, to do more and to bring it over to new audience and the public.

We know and feel that al those activities, all ready are brining great results by letting the public know how act on the roads.

This article was written by Afikim Mobility scooters

by:Afikim scooters
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