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Introducing Change In A Non Intimidating Way

With regards to being a lean organization, it takes a lot of work to get there

. You don't merely decide one day that you need to run lean that you need to do a better job of getting rid of all the waste that's bringing your business down. These are big decisions, they aren't simple to do and you have to put a great deal of work and effort into making them work.

Anybody can sit around a conference room and talk about change, talk about making things better, however it's a different story completely to get these changes implemented and the ideas accepted. It's tough enough getting the ideas out into the open, getting individuals to listen to the ideas, but getting them to accept and help implement the ideas is the real trick.

Not everyone is going to get on board immediately, the reality is there will more than likely be some resistance to the ideas and it's going to be somebody's job to quell these fears and apprehensions and to explain why the changes are better than the status quo. But remember that the push back and the fighting is less with you than with the actual act of changing. Now, if you go into the situation forcing your ideas and acting like a dictator that writes the new rules for everyone else to follow, then yes, you'll have push back against you personally.

However, if you go into the situation openly, with your ideas and your considerations of others showing through, then they will want to help you, although they still may have difficulty with the idea of change. Men and women, most men and women have difficulty when it comes to change. They like it. Change is hard because it's unfamiliar and new. People like comfortable and familiar, like an old pair of sneakers that are beat up, but so reliable and known. It works the same with change in the workplace.

Even though everyone knows that the change is needed, improvements need to be made, the actual act of change is hard for people to swallow. You have to make this bitter pill taste a little bit better, a little bit sweeter. If you can manage that, then everybody's job is going to be a little bit easier and the changes will actually start to happen and what's even better, the changes might actually stick around.

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