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Japanese Home Appliance Recycling Aluminum And Copper Resources In The Country Achievements

If the recovery of Japan's Matsushita Home Appliances Company (PETEC) were born

, you will find, so you can recover the original appliance.

Air-conditioned places at once

Visit channel in PETEC story, the reporter also saw several "recovery expert." First, choose recycled air inside the mixing iron, copper, aluminum, magnetic sorting machine. An air conditioner's heat exchanger, after dismantling, crushing, you can recycle the iron, metal powder exporter aluminum, copper and plastic are mixed together. How to achieve rapid separation by the machine were recycling?

The machine first through the internal device magnet selected two major categories, namely, iron and non iron. Non-iron also includes a copper, aluminum and plastic. Next, on the adoption of high speed permanent magnet to further separate. According to physics, high-speed operation of permanent magnet AC magnetic field will produce. Copper and aluminum into the magnetic field will produce eddy currents to form much effort, jump ahead a distant place well inside the box. But the plastic into the magnetic field will not be any impact, bronze powder ( FCu 663) it will gently fall away from the separator near some boxes. This step alone is not enough. Finally distinguish between copper and aluminum. This would be through the vibration of the proportion of sorting machines operate.

Set up a vibration on the bottom of the blower, up hair. Light weight aluminum as copper, aluminum into the sorting machine by the winds, it floated into the aluminum recycling special case, and the quality of heavier copper will slowly climb to the tilt direction, the wind continued to climb under the effect of iron special recycling boxes.

Large accounts and small accounts

The technical principles seem simple, but it is PETEC developed rapid recovery magic. Of April 2011, PETEC accumulated more than 800 million units dealing with household appliances, recycling of resources, copper powder ( FCu ) iron nearly 13 million tons, about 20,000 tons of copper, aluminum up to 1 million tons. If the iron used to build cars, the amount can be made about 160,000 cars. 20,000 tons of copper equivalent of 80 Nara Buddha, and the recycling of aluminum, you can create 94 Boeing 747 aircraft. Source:

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Japanese Home Appliance Recycling Aluminum And Copper Resources In The Country Achievements Washington