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Laboratory Equipments: Kinds And Uses

Laboratory equipments are the essential tools and equipments required in a medical or chemical lab.

Below mentioned are few lab equipments and their uses to explain their respective importance.

Crucible- Crucibles are used for heating small quantities of testing items at extremely high temperatures.

Bottle- Laboratory bottles are used for the obvious purpose of storing, mixing and displaying the contents.

Buret- Buret is used as a measuring scale in titration to know the precise amount of liquid used.

Erlenmeyer Flask- The Erlenmeyer Flask is used for heating and storing liquids. The chief characteristic of Erlenmeyer Flask is that it has a wider bottom as compared to the top and hence, the fluid at the bottom heats faster because of greater surface area under flame.

Beaker- Beaker is a multipurpose lab equipment which is used for various petty tasks including holding and heating fluids.

Florence Flask- The Florence Flask is most often used in distillation processes for heating the given substance evenly. It has a bulbed bottom which lets the heat spread through the liquid more evenly.

Mortar and Pestle- Mortar and Pestle is used for crushing solid forms into fine powder for experiments. Usually it is done for easy dissolution of solids into liquids.

Bunsen Burner- Bunsen burners are used for heating purposes or for exposing the various testing items to flame. These have multiple other uses than just being a hot plates.

Pipet- Pipets refer to the disposable plastic containers which are used for carrying small amount of liquids from one place to another.

Tongs- Tongs are basically used for holding various articles like flasks, crucibles, evaporating dishes etc. when hot.

Thermometer- Thermometer as lab apparatus is used for taking the precise temperatures of various solids, liquids, and gases. These are available in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit units.

Watch Glass- Watch glass is used for holding solids while being weighed or transported. Watch glasses are not meant for heating.

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Laboratory Equipments: Kinds And Uses