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Making The Best Use Of Safety Earmuffs

Our present day environment is filled with a bunch of occupational and environmental hazards

. One of the hazards that have become acute over the past few years is noise and the side effects it has on the auditory health of a worker. This is because of the rapid pace of industrialization that has led to numerous loud industrial sounds coming from various sectors such as mining, metallurgy, aviation, construction, and many more. All these have adverse auditory effects that can lead to temporary or permanent loss of hearing. The non-auditory effects result in side effects such as fatigue, annoyance, nervousness, decreased efficiency and many more.

Therefore, hearing protection has become the order of the day for every enterprise. The agenda behind this is to safeguard an individual and his auditory health from getting affected due to loud noise conditions. Hence, to aid the process there are safety earmuffs provided by eminent service providers specializing in hearing protection solutions. These devices are established by combining noise reduction and speech enhancement technology. This makes the sound crystal clear by emphasizing the communication and suppressing the unwanted background noise.

The modern day safety earmuffs are set up in a way that they are suitable for both general as well as heavy use and require safe certification. The equipments are simple to use, comfortable to wear and enable in a two way interaction. The wearer can wear the device for a long time while communicating. Few other features are as follows:-

Helps in facilitating communication in environments beyond 85 dB (A)

Secures against every form of noise, such as Impact, Intermittent, Continuous

You are able to safely hear your surroundings and also hearing speech

Has Binaural Capability, allowing you to hear the direction of Speech and other sounds

Speaker limited to 82 dB (A) in ear

Face to Face communication

Two-Way Radio Interface

Wireless Bluetooth connection to cellular phones

Helps to communicate in short range distances Ear Muff to Ear Muff, up to 50 meters

MP3 Interface

High Visibility Color

Durable adjustable headband

Extra soft ear cushions for longwearing comfort

Easy to use buttons for tactile adjustment without having to look or remove earmuffs

12+ hours continuous talk time

Industrial ruggedized

12mth Warranty

Advanced electronic ear muffs have been designed by using high quality materials so that they give maximum comfort. These devices provide good breath-ability without making the wearer feel any kind of irritation. If a user has ear problems, then they can consider using specifically designed hygienic pieces of safety gear provided by eminent service providers today.

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Making The Best Use Of Safety Earmuffs