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Managing Side Effects Of Radiation Therapy

Radiotherapy is a treatment for prostate cancer

. Use of high energy particles or rays to kill cancer cells. some time, low radiation cancer of the prostate and is restricted to tissues or against an extension of the house acts as a shield. Cure rates for cancer, the same man, the people affected by radical prostatectomy. At the same time, if not completely removed or used for cases of cancer per year in the theater.

Below are the kinds of radiation, in particular, both internal and external radiation is classified. Both methods are good for treating prostate cancer, external radiotherapy, but a lot of information has a long-term consequences.

External radiation

Prostate rays selected from a source outside the body. The process of actually creating more time, but X-Ray.

When treatment starts before the patient imaging studies find, such as computer tomography, magnetic resonance or X-rays undergo an impact on the environment, their place. External radiotherapy can be used to relieve pain in bones and bone cancer, where only a specific area is used as the first phase of the spread of cancer treatment to alleviate. Some of them are treating proton therapy 3D-CRT and MRT.

interstitial radiotherapy, or set the internal or ex-

The use of the "seeds" or small radioactive particles such as particle size of rice. Generally, these grains as the prostate is a person. These are the development of early prostate cancer live a little-used e-mail.

This man was slain in the prostate urine therapy, or transurethral resection may be some people who suffer from urinary diseases, including the risk of side effects. even those with a larger prostate, several pills that can be used for security.

CT or MRI for the quest to make the pills to test for the determination to help. There are several computer programs that calculate the amount of radiation may be needed. By cancer tissue than normal or lower than the amount of radiation received equipment that consume more.

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