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Manual Vs. Automatic Issuer Identification Number Checker

One of the main questions that you need to ask when you're looking into a getting

issuer identification number checker is whether you want a manual or an automatic one. The answer will depend upon a number of factors.

Understanding Manual Issuer Identification Number Checkers

The main type of manual issuer identification list is one which is provided solely online. You go to a specific BIN checker website and you are able to search for individual numbers. The results will be given to you and you can then decide whether you would like to proceed with the transaction. Many of the manual issuer identification software are free. This can be a huge benefit to small businesses.

Of course the disadvantages to this is the fact that if you run a large or medium business, it can seem like an impossible task having to enter the numbers manually. There just isn't enough time and the customer will be waiting around for ages. Nobody likes to queue for a service these days. Businesses need to ensure that they are serving customers quickly and efficiently. So in this situation you might benefit more from an automatic checker.

Another potential downside is the fact that you don't get an unlimited amount of searches. You may get 10 searches per day. There's also an issue of whether the list that you are accessing is extensive. As you aren't paying anything for the issuer identification number list, you might not get the best possible results.

Understanding Automatic Issuer Identification Number Checkers

Automatic issuer identification number checkers are extremely useful for large businesses. In fact any business where you don't have the time to manually input all of your customer's credit card details will benefit from an automatic database. It can flag potential problems with transactions automatically. You can then either set it to automatically decline or accept payments based on set information.

The only thing that you need to consider with this is the fact that you'll need to install a script into the system. If you aren't very good with computers and the internet then this could be an impossible task for you. It's something that you'll need to get the IT department to do. Or you could hire a freelancer to do it for you. Once the script has been installed you don't have to worry about anything. You can basically set it to decline payments if they don't meet set criteria and then leave it to run.

Automatic issuer identification number checkers are convenient and time saving. Medium and large businesses just don't have the time or the capacity to type in every single credit card number they handle. However, you could only choose to scan suspicious transactions. If you run an offline business then this is much easier. You can often spot people who look suspicious as they are paying for something.

There are even demo programs that you can try out to see whether your business would benefit from issuer identification number software. Why not look out for demo's online now and give them a go. You could start by inputting your own number to see what comes up.

by: Gen Wright
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