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New Year Joy For Chinese Consumer Electronics Market More Red

New Year is approaching, want to also bring some festive family atmosphere

? A little cold monotone silver, black and too dignified tradition, so stylish compact "Red China" in the New Year has become the leading home appliance market.

In the living room, dining, Kitchen Lane widths are added, so the New Year "red" an absolute hero now!

Kitchen articles Urban family of easy change "housewife"

"Almighty" Microwave ovens Make cooking more fun

Once known as the bedroom is the second "The Tender Land" in the kitchen, now is the younger generation as "emotional collapse zone!" For this statement, "kitchen phobia" Patients are plausibly?? "Marriage is the tomb of love" theory come from? Why? Is not trivial on a pile of mess for the chores that you? Solve the problem of feeding element can be broken down more than half of a fight!

Celebration of "Red China" microwave ovens, not only can solve the youth's "kitchen problems", may bring about the wedding when the "red" in the sweet memories for your

Life Oh, more stylish warm. Office workers can become chef "The supreme task of the family now is to ensure the health of mothers and nutrition, to ensure the next generation of the motherland and won the starting line." Quasi-father Mr. Zhang said: "So I have to cook it! Microwave oven, induction cooker than tradition

Cooker Clean, easy access, not through cooking for us this person is most appropriate. "

Mr Cheung is a standard office workers, in two or three months, he will become a father, and many "fathers", as Mr Cheung is not experts in cooking?? So he buy a

Galanz "Steam light" microwave oven. According microwave recipes, Zhang fall can easily come up with a few both nutritious and delicious dishes and convenient, the key is not repeated every day can be oh.

No matter how busy do not forget to eat breakfast

"Now Working pressure Large, often too late to wake up to eat breakfast, usually to deal with the instant noodles on it! "Just graduated two years is a typical small river"

After 80 "So to his parents

Apartments Well equipped with the latest Galanz a "Chinese Red" microwave, heat milk, usually breakfast, dinner from the nearby

Supermarket Buy a la carte, with a microwave oven can do a splendid dinner Dayton. The 23L large capacity with sturdy guy, so a small river in front of friends won a lot of applause, even to his girlfriend left a "new man" image it.

The current "80" after life and

Consumption The features of microwave ovens electric kitchen has opened up a quick "Blue Ocean": one life time is not the law, and diet more random; Moreover, changes in work and address strongly prefer portable home

Electrical . "Happy Kitchen" into a trend

"Microwave oven is able to rapidly spread, is that it fit the modern health and nutrition, the pursuit of fast-paced life, so that everyone can easily do 'housewife'." Galanz group leader Juan said Planning . Cooking with dark fire without smoke, nutritious and delicious, healthy and easy to operate even more advantages, such as Galanz into the microwave oven from the industry since 1992, to 1998, and quickly become the world's oldest. At the same time, some experts had predicted, with the lifestyle change, intelligent and easy kitchen life into to an inevitable trend.

Living articles Evening tour to see how large a "cool"

Skyworth cool season promotion to lead the charge to open

Festival, see a variety of evening and

Film Nature is never-changing "program" again! However, with

Network Continued penetration of life, we now download movies from the RM or RMVB formats are mostly ordinary flat

TV Generally not supported! However, in October this year, listed Skyworth cool opening series


But to "release the mass network movie" as a slogan, the National Day for seven days sales exceed 5 million units, setting a sales miracle.

New Year Joy For Chinese Consumer Electronics Market More Red

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New Year Joy For Chinese Consumer Electronics Market More Red