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Prevent Cancers I

When it comes to the fight against cancer, the good news is that a lot of cancers can be delayed or avoided by choosing a good lifestyle

. A top cancer doctor suggested a number of behavior modifications, some of which may even surprise you.

Of course, the method of cancer prevention is not monolithic, one fitting all. The doctor is the Professor of Medicine of University of Southern California, an oncologist, Dr. David Agus. His new book The End of Category of Major Illness analyzes the scientific basis of his conclusions.

He said in a recent interview, as an anti-cancer doctor standing in the frontline, the first thing you became aware of would be that the prevention was actually the best way to treat

Argus said, medical science had spent too much time on medical studies of single cells and focused on the individual test rather than considering the entire system and how it interacts over time. He pointed out that what the cancer diseases reflect was that there had been something wrong with the interconnected systems of human body.

The following are 5 ways to Argus to help the body to the prevention of disease invasion:


Throw away various and supplements. Argus said, unless you are diagnosed in the treatment of some kind of vitamin deficiency, are considering pregnancy or already pregnant, you do not have to eat all kinds of vitamin preparations, and save money without sacrificing health. He said, some people think they need supplements to combat the so-called free radicals, but the body can be defensive over this by-product of metabolism. Moreover, the result of the interference with the body's natural control system is not clear now. And many studies have shown that there is no benefit of vitamins and supplements, and sometimes they are even harmful. For example, a study published on Journal of the American Medical Association last year found that vitamin E supplementation will lead to 17% more chances for healthy men to get suffered from prostatic cancer.


Maintain a regular schedule. He said, try to eat, go to sleep and do exercise at the same time every day, including weekends. And meanwhile, do not forget to arrange a time to rest, keeping all troubles away and having a relaxation. Adequate sleep is very important for memory consolidation, emotional balance and long-term good health. But the regularity of sleep is more important than the length of sleep. Is it difficult to adhere to every day? His suggestion is raising a dog. The dog needs regular walk and feeds, which forces his master to act on time, do some physical activity and take more rest during work.


If you are over the age of 40, and have not yet begun taking inhibin and low-dose aspirin every day, talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of doing so. Studies have shown that these low-cost drugs can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and even certain types of cancers, but also have side effects; so you should carefully think about it.


Have annually. He said, the flu can cause inflammation, lead to lead to serious problems when the body is most vulnerable. The composition of the influenza vaccine will be adjusted every year according to the prediction of main virus that about to spread, and it can help the body to ease a strong immune response. Argus said, I hope the people not only see the role of influenza vaccination at present, but should also see the benefit years later.


Work out the list of drugs in your medicine cabinet every year, and talk with your doctor over the list to see whether you need a change, and whether it is possible to stop at least several drugs. Argus wrote that health is a constantly moving target.

by: sophia zami
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