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Preventing Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer forms on the inside of the small

, almond-sized ovaries located on the sides of the uterus. The cancer may appear on one or both ovaries. The ovaries produce and release the eggs into the fallopian tubes. They also produce the two female hormones which are known as estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are produced in high amounts before and during ovulation, and if these hormone levels become too high, they may be what causes the tumors to form in the ovaries.

There are two different types of tumors which are formed, one type is cancerous, and the other type is non-cancerous. The cancerous tumors will spread to the outside of the ovaries, and into the pelvic organs, as well as other parts of the body through the bloodstream or the lymph nodes.

The non-cancerous tumors are usually not considered to be a health threat as they do not spread, but nonetheless, they can also contribute to the increased production of estrogen, which may cause other cells to become cancerous.

Unhealthy fat cells also help to produce excess levels of estrogen.

So if we want to prevent ovarian cancer, we need to reduce the levels of estrogen which the body produces. This is not difficult when we understand some of the factors which are associated with the production of estrogen.

Studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of ovarian cancer by about 80 percent. This is because of all the unhealthy fat cells which continuously help to produce high levels of estrogen.

So what causes obesity? The answer is simple, a high fat diet. This includes all animal proteins and fats such as meat, milk and dairy. It also includes processed foods, and most cooked foods. Refined sugars can also contribute to unhealthy fat cells.

If you can eliminate these foods from the diet, and maintain a healthy weight, then you can eliminate 80 percent of the risks involved with ovarian cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy also plays a major role in causing ovarian cancer. So if you can avoid any of these therapies, even if the treatment includes both hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

Avoid taking a drug called danazol, which is a male hormone (androgen) and is used to treat endometriosis. This drug has also been linked to the cause of ovarian cancer.

Having several children, with the first child being born before the age of 30 will also help to prevent ovarian cancer as one ages.

Last but not least, eat a healthy diet of mainly raw foods. Foods that are in their raw state have more vitamins and nutrients for the body to absorb, and thus the body is able to stay strong and healthy for many years to come.

Preventing Ovarian Cancer

By: Helena Reimer
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