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Radiation Poisoning, Causes, Symptoms And Protective Actions

In the earliest days of the discovery of radiation by scientists

, they had no idea what they were dealing with and the dangers it posed to human beings. Due to continuous contact with radioactive materials and radiation exposure, the vast majority of those early scientist succumbed to radiation poisoning and developed cancer and numerous other ailments and diseases. In the years since these early experiments, we have learned to monitor radiation and to better protect ourselves.

In our modern world we must deal with exposure to radiation in many forms, some of them are significantly more damaging to our health than others. For example, even very short term exposure to gamma radiation can have very serious effects on any part of the body that is exposed. As gamma radiation is very difficult to contain and can pass through thick concrete barriers, it is not hard to see how much damage this type of radiation could do your internal organs if they are exposed to it.

Among the most common causes of radiation exposure that can cause this kind of damage are today's nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear weapons in warfare, which the world has not seen since 1945 when the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is also a risk of radiation exposure to those who live anywhere near a nuclear testing facility. However, since testing has not occurred in several years, this risk is minimized.

While we are always going to worry about the risk of some form of nuclear warfare, the biggest concern today is the number of nuclear power plants around the world that we have all come to rely on for affordable and "clean" energy. Under normal operating conditions these facilities are all equipped with radiation detectors that are supposed to warn everyone if radiation levels exceed the so called "safe" levels.

There are two problems with this scenario, first this "safety" requires constant efforts to monitor radiation levels, which as has been proved is not always the most reliable. Secondly, in the event of a major catastrophe similar to that which occurred in Japan earlier this year, there may not be enough time for any kind of warning to be issued so that you can take appropriate measures or the responsible agencies might attempt to cover up the amount of radiation leakage that is occurring.

While there are many symptoms of radiation poisoning due to gamma radiation exposure, the two most common ones are nausea and vomiting. If the exposure levels are mild, these symptoms may take a few days to actually develop. Often the sooner these symptoms appear after a person has been exposed; the worse the risk is to their health.

When a person suffers moderate radiation exposure, in addition to nausea, the person is likely to experience blood in their vomit and loss of hair within 24 hours of being exposed. As the level of exposure becomes severe, symptoms such as diarrhea and high fever will manifest within one hour and at maximum exposure levels the person will experience dizziness, a drop in blood pressure, and disorientation. The death rate at severe radiation exposure levels are approximately 50% or more.

If you live or work in an area where there is a distinct possibility of being exposed to gamma radiation, you should consider taking the necessary steps to monitor radiation levels around you on a regular basis. You may not always be able to count on the government or the facility operators to warn you of elevated radiation levels and in the event of a major disaster the only radiation detectors you may be able to count on are those that you have purchased for yourself.

For the most part, you may never have to deal with anything more than background radiation and the occasional x-ray. As long as this remains all that you are ever exposed to, you will never have to worry about radiation sickness or any of the health related issues that have been attributed as a direct result of gamma radiation exposure. However if you live or work anywhere close to a nuclear facility, you might want to invest in your own radiation monitoring equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing the very latest in radiation detectors or monitoring equipment, you will find that U Detection has the equipment you need. Although these detection devices were built primarily for use by the military and security personnel such as the police, the recent spate of natural disasters has brought the need for just about anyone to have access to them to the forefront.

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Radiation Poisoning, Causes, Symptoms And Protective Actions