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Safety and Health in the Workplace - Electrical Safety

Safety and Health in the Workplace - Electrical Safety

Safety and Health in the Workplace needs to focus on electrical safety. Recognizing electrical hazards are an important part of safety and health in any workplace. There are four main hazards associated with electrical dangers. Each hazard deserves thorough and adequate training. The four main hazards associated with electrical safety are electrocution, electrical shock, electrical burns and falls. We will now take a more detailed look at each.


Electrocution is the stopping of life determined by the stopping of the heart. Electrocution is the third leading cause of death at the workplace among seventeen and eighteen year olds. This is why it is so important to teach electrical safety to young workers as well as the general work population. Another startling fact about the possibility of a person being electrocuted is that it is possible for electrocution to occur with as little as 50 milliamps of electricity. At this level an extremely painful shock, respiratory arrest, severe muscle contractions or death can occur. Know that 50 milliamps of power is not much current. A small power tool, such as a drill uses 30 times as much current!

Electrical Shock

An electric shock is received when current passes through the body. The severity of the shock depends on three items. First, the path that the current traveled. If the current traveled through arms or legs, the damage would be less severe than if it had traveled through major organs such as the heart, lungs or kidneys. The second factor that determines severity is the amount of current that flowed through the body. Currents 1-6 milliamps, for example, would range from a faint tingle to a painful shock. Currents 6-25 milliamps can lead to loss of muscle control. The last factor that determines the severity of electrical shock is the length of time the body is in the circuit.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are the most common nonfatal shock related injury. Electrical burns occur when a person touches electrical wiring or equipment that is improperly used or maintained. Injuries typically occur on the hands. Electrical burns can be very serious and need medical attention immediately.

There are three types of electrical burns. The first is electrical, and it occurs when someone touches a live wire. The second is an arc burn. An arc occurs when current travels through the air. The third type of electrical burn is a contact burn. This happens when copper or aluminum components melt.


Electrical shock can also cause indirect or secondary injuries, such as falls. Workers in elevated work areas that may experience a shock can fall, resulting in serious injury or death. People that work on or around power lines need special training and personal protective equipment in order to work safely. Some precautions for electrical safety and health in the workplace include, not using metal ladders and to always be aware of power lines when on scaffolding.

Safety and health in the workplace is about keeping everyone safe from all injuries, including electrical injuries.
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