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Safety Rules In A Science Laboratory

For any kind of knowledge of science subjects

, it is always better to have practical knowledge an d experience. Classroom teaching is not enough . That is why schools and colleges have given importance to practical training of science subjects and for this they have well-equipped science laboratories.

Science laboratories for different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Biology have some common laboratory equipments. Depending on the subjects, the laboratory equipments vary. For instance, a typical Physics laboratory consists of galvanometer, circuit boards, experimental boards, connecting wires, scientific scales etc. A Chemistry laboratory will have equipments like titration apparatus, burette, pipette, chemicals, acids, compounds, thermometers etc. All students need to perform their experiments under the guidance of their teachers and lab technicians.

One of the most important thing to consider while working in a laboratory is the safety factor. Safety in a laboratory is of utmost importance and safety rules must be followed by all so that all laboratory apparatus can be handled well and safely.

Safety Rules in a Physics Laboratory

In a physics laboratory, while doing practicals, keeping the work area clean and organized is very important. While working, it is always better to be slow and steady. Live wires are not to be touched and things which are not related to the experiment should not be meddle with. While doing thermodynamics related experiments, handle hot water with great care as they cause severe burns on the body. Use of gloves is mandatory. Get the circuit connection approved by your supervisor as any mistake can cause an accident. Turn off the power supply while making changes in the circuit. For everyone's safety, never carry any substance which may catch fire. Lab safety clothing like coats, goggles, gloves, masks are a must while in a laboratory. Everyone should be aware of the location of exit door and fire extinguishers in times of emergency. In case of any doubt in handling equipment, always take the help of the supervisor. Moreover, all safety rules are mentioned on every desk in the Physics laboratory.

Safety Rules in a Chemistry Laboratory

In a Chemistry lab, one of the most common equipment used is the pipette but care must be taken while using it. While using a pipette for precipitates, always remember never to use your mouth. There are few who thinks that it is only water and there are no chemicals in the pipette. But then this particular instrument has been previously used by others and hence is not clean. So the students need to to be properly trained in using automatic pipette or the pipette bulb. All safety rules are displayed on the table. Do not taste chemicals while performing experiments as some chemicals are poisonous. Also follow a proper method of disposing off the waste chemicals. Always be careful in mixing chemicals. Acids like as hydrochloric acid (HCL), nitric acid and sulphuric acid should be used carefully. And remember never to lose your concentration while performing experiments.

By following safety rules, a safe and secure environment can be created in a laboratory. There is a list of safety signs in a laboratory which you need to follow.

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Safety Rules In A Science Laboratory