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Safety Tips for Women Who Drive at Night

As much as possible, women should avoid driving alone particularly at night

. If this is inevitable and you still must go, take extra precautions in keeping yourself safe. You can choose from a lot self-defense weapons. Recommended are pepper sprays, mace, and a stun gun. Plotting your route is also a way to ensure your safety. Be sure to avoid roads that are isolated and take the ones mostly populated.

Don't forget to keep your doors locked and your windows closed. You don't want to risk the attacker being able to reach you. When at intersections, turn down the volume of the radio so you can here noises like motorist calling out to you that someone is trying to open your back door. Most cars today are equipped with anti-theft alarm so don't forget to activate them when leaving the car.

When parking, make sure to park your car somewhere near the building's entrance. Avoid dark areas, this are where most attacks happen. Be quick, limit the time you spend in parking areas. Avoid parking huge vehicles, windowless vans, or vans with tinted windows. You might not notice that somewhere is creeping around waiting to jump on and attack you. People won't be able to see you if ever you get thrown at the back of the vehicles.

Always switch off your engine. Leaving it on even for just a few minutes is all a thief needs to be able to steal your car. Don't give him the chance to do so. Leaving your car unlocked also makes you prone to thieves. If you have children with you, always bring them wherever you are; don't leave them inside the car. You wouldn't want to risk them getting kidnapped or abducted. That would cause a lot of stress, physically and emotionally.

Always prepare an emergency kit inside your car. Place a two-way radio below your seat in case you need to call for help. Flashlights are also a must as part of an emergency kit. If your attacker manages to lock you up on the trunk, you could kick the taillight off and scream for help. Stick your hand outside to attract the attention of others.

Driving at night is very dangerous especially if you're alone. Planning your safety and security might be all you need to keep that attacker from being successful.

Safety Tips for Women Who Drive at Night

By: Marcus Samuels
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Safety Tips for Women Who Drive at Night